WSO College and High School Students (And Parents) - Are You Satisfied With How Your Schools Have Adapted to the Pandemic?

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I know the COVID pandemic has been a difficult experience for many people, especially students, who can no longer go to physical classes. I am sure some states, including private schools, have implemented very proactive measures to ensure that students receive a solid educational experience. For example, I believe that the state of New Jersey is requiring that teachers host on line classes and if a student cannot attend classes, someone from the school or administration will contact the parents. There is also a requirement to extend the online learning to people with disabilities.

Not all states have taken the above approach, though. For example, my state, has been offering mostly assignments via email, some relatively short recorded classes and more recently, an opportunity to use Google Meets for small groups. I do not think there is a plan to have online classes for the entire class. I believe there are some privacy concerns about going online. I can appreciate the concerns about privacy but there are ways to have online classes without jeopardizing the privacy of the students. I have suggested the students join the meetings without video. They can also sign in anonymously and even text messages to other students or the teacher. I am hopeful but not optimistic that the schools in my state will take the next step and have formal online classes. I know there is a learning curve for everyone, including teachers and administrators.

I would like to find out how your schools are dealing with providing education during a time of a pandemic of this magnitude. If would be great if you could provide some feedback and also include your state and whether your school is public or private

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Apr 25, 2020

no lol

Apr 25, 2020

I know the feeling. Would you mind elaborating a little?

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Apr 26, 2020

Undergrad in the UK. More than half of our final exams are cancelled while the rest of the classes are delivered via online lecture recordings and real-time seminars. Total jokes.

Apr 26, 2020