WSO Weekly Wrap-Up 04/20 - 04/26

In case you missed them, here's some of last week's most popular topics:

Stigma of Community College

Would you mention your background of transferring from a community college in your interviews? I feel like it'd add to my story and make my background more interesting.

I'm an Author and Former Head ETF Trader at Lehman, Ask Me Anything

Feel free and ask Jared anything and he will be on today answering your questions.

Here is How Equity Research Works

I was motivated to make this thread after reading a lot of the other threads in this forum, about why certain top analysts are still on the sell-side.

Interview with WallStreetPlayboys: A Top 3 Institutional Investor Ranked Analyst (part 2/2)

The following is Part 2 of an interview with WallStreetPlayboys (he is also available to answer your questions)

Excel Tools, Addins, Macros

Included here is the start of a much needed compilation of Excel add-ins, macros, and tools.

Exercise/Gym Memberships and Travelling

I start full time this fall at a consulting firm in Chicago and will be on the standard M-Th travel schedule. Anyone have any advice on gym memberships?

Ask Me Anything: Head Research Analyst (Commercial Real Estate)

I am the Head Research Analyst at a regional office of one of the best commercial real estate services firms on the globe.

Ready for the Internet Sales Tax?

It looks like the free ride might be coming to an end. President Obama enthusiastically endorsed legislation that would introduce an Internet sales tax, perhaps even by year end.

Advice for New FT Recruits: Tale of Caution

My company runs a graduate scheme where we take on 15/20 graduates a year with 3/4 of those working in my department. I came through this scheme myself and so I like to check in on the most recent cohort of grads to see how they are doing and offer any advice I think might be of help to them.

Top Wall Street Cars

Somebody fwd this to me.
Have at it.

I resigned from Rothschild to Start a Company

Following an internship, I worked as an analyst with Rothschild's investment banking team in Singapore for two and a half years.

From Poor Me to BB

I recently received an offer from a BB for an ER associate analyst position! I'll give some of my background/story and talk about how I made it happen.

How much money would you be willing to take out in student loans?

I'm currently a junior in high school, but I have some pretty good stats (I have a 36 on the ACT), so I'm looking ahead and anticipating at least a couple of Ivy League acceptances and acceptances to top privates and publics

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