WSO Weekly Wrap-Up (2/27-3/4)

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Re: Does School Prestige Matter?
Post By MBAApply

"Five years from now..." is a pretty good benchmark for the half-life of most business or career-related arcs (okay, maybe 5-10 years, depending on the career or industry). As an undergraduate or fresh graduate, of course your undergraduate program matters - to you, to your peers, to recruiters and to your parents (if you have helicopter parents). Beyond 5 years, your undergraduate program does not matter so much.

Stuck in the cycle
Post By otehsde

Almost daily, I switch between enjoying M&A and not being sure whether I like what I am doing. The thought of having to slog a few more years as an analyst and trying to move to a more reputable bank for PE ops is something I have considered, but I wonder whether slogging off at my current role for another 1 to 2 years of my life is worth it. To be honest, our associates work basically the same hours as I do, so this feeling is essentially indefinite. Am I the only one out there?

50% Lower Compensation-- Would You Still Work in IB?
Post By Nick Naylor

That is one idea proposed in a recent NYT article about the lagging performance of banks, specifically in regards to their ROE. Though IB compensation would not be cut in half exactly, 43 percent is still a huge haircut. Is that the direction which banks should be heading towards? Would you want to keep working IB hours after your pay is cut in half?

Post By tackytech

Is anyone else in the same boat?

Long-term PE - Lifestyle
Post By m2

I am interested in understanding what PE as a long-term career looks like in mid and large-cap funds with regards to the lifestyle, especially compared to a MD at a strong bank or a partner at an MBB. Do you really work that much less? With such high stakes, I would think that you do not get that much downtime versus a McKinsey partner.

Role of REPE Funds In Development Projects
Post By Pokemon Master

I am getting the impression that REPE funds do not play a very big role in the development process when they have a developer partner. What else exactly does a REPE fund do after they have invested in a development project?

Teller's Comprehensive Guide to Diversity Recruiting
Post By Teller

I created this thread because I think that diversity recruiting is a powerful tool that is very much underutilized. This thread is split up between fly-in programs, internship/scholarship programs, and recruitment organizations.

Military- Too old for Consulting/ IB?
Post By rj1443

I know a lot of consulting firms and banks love military backgrounds, but how do they view an older than average military candidate? Do I stand a chance, or is my best bet to move into something like marketing/sales with a military equipment or tech company? I want to make sure I know how to use my MBA effectively as an older candidate one day.

RX vs M&A: Breaking In?
Post By Wrong

Why do people say it is so much harder to break into RX compared to breaking into M&A? Also, which stream may be busier over the next several years?

Retail Management vs. Booz Allen Hamilton
Post By @1600mPenn"

I am a sophomore at a non-target, state flagship university looking for some advice. Back in fall 2015, I accepted an offer for an internship in retail management, because I did not have any strong leads in Consulting back then. Now that I have an offer from Booz Allen Hamilton as a General Management Consultant Intern for this summer, I was wondering whether it is worth reneging on my retail management internship to switch to BAH.
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