WSO Weekly Wrap-Up (3/12-3/18)

In case you missed them, here're some of last week's most popular topics:

Pay It Forward
Post By @Jared Dillian"

When I was looking for a job on Wall Street, there were a lot of people who went out of their way to help me (to varying degrees) and I will be forever grateful to them. That is why I always try to reach down and try to pull up worthy candidates. I remember getting in a very public shouting match with people from HR over a guy I had on my desk for the summer. I wanted to hire the intern while people from HR did not want to. In the end, I got my way.

Saying No to a partner
Post By @Daniel Albert"

I recently joined a consulting firm as a supply chain consultant. However, I have been sitting on the bench for 6 weeks as my office has not won any supply chain engagements recently. Therefore, my partner is suggesting that I should join a Risk/IT transformation project which lasts for two years. Has anyone on this forum had the courage to say no to a partner while still being on probation period?

Doing Personal Investment While Working as IBD Analyst
Post By @collahola"

I find it surprising that most of my colleagues just let cash sit idle in their bank accounts and rot by itself, and few had any investment experience at all. How do you find time to research or perform due diligence on your investment ideas and targets? Are there any benefits in terms of skill sets by working in IBD (excluding insider information)?

Selling a small business - need referrals & tips
Post By @Cries"

I need some referrals for good business brokers and/or exchanges (other than Besides that, I would love to hear any general thoughts or advice on the process of selling a small business as I have no experience in this area.

Do MBB consultants pitch?
Post By @TheOceanizer"

Do junior consultants build pitch books and pitch to clients to win business? Or is it all execution-related work where all juniors have more than enough engagements to go around (that are already being billed)? Do consultants do free work?

Donald Trump and why no one wants to be POTUS anymore
Post By @newyork"

I was thinking the other day that we have no truly great candidates anymore. It is either the same people from the past who ran and failed before running again, or insane madmen like Cruz and Trump who ended up as nominees. I think Trump would have been a great NYC mayor since NYC needed a tough fascist dictator to clean up this filthy sewer. Being a mayor of NYC, Trump could have also learned about politics and branded himself for higher office in the future. So my question is, why did he not do that years ago?

This Week in Oil and Gas - 3/13/2016
Post By @RedRage"

Due to the fall in crude oil prices which have affected Saudi Arabia's treasury, the KSA is asking banks to submit proposals to extend its 5 year $6-8 billion bank loan with an option to increase its size.

Are Non-MBA Business Graduate Degrees Terminal Degrees?
Post By @CRE"

These type of programs seem to struggle to define who their graduates are. When you graduate with a MBA, everyone in the country knows where you stand. In contrast, MIM students are perceived to be born-again business undergraduates while MSF students are treated like analysts by investment banks, and associates elsewhere.

New US News MBA Rankings - Columbia #10, Booth ties Stanford at #2 (and beats Wharton)
Post By @ndw"

The list is something that I would expect to see from Forbes or BW.

IBD (Post-MBA) Associate Lifestyle Anno 2016
Post By @LiamNeeson"

Is a career banker (i.e. a post-MBA banker) really a path that will most likely lead to unhappiness and an unhealthy lifestyle? With many banks promoting a better work/life balance, I wonder if the promotions are all simply a lie or a marketing trick? Is a lot of this stuff overblown?

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