WSO's Black Friday Sale: $100 Off Our Elite Modeling Package (20% Discount)

Dearest primates, for Black Friday we're offering up a $100 discount to our Elite Modeling Package.

    BUY NOW ($100 OFF)

    (NOTE: you must use this link to purchase otherwise the discount won't be applied)

    More Info About Our Elite Modeling Package:

    Included are six financial modeling courses to help you develop the most critical skills to succeed in your finance career. 300+ detailed video lessons, 50+ modules, 30+ exercises across 6 jam-packed courses taught by elite practitioners.

    Courses included:

    •     Excel Modeling
    •     Financial Statement Modeling
    •     LBO Modeling
    •     Valuation Modeling
    •     M&A Modeling
    •     DCF Modeling

    (You can learn more about the Elite Modeling Package here, but remember you must use our special Black Friday link to get the discount.)


    Financial Modeling & Valuation Bootcamp:

    I should also mention that our next Financial Modeling & Valuation Bootcamp is coming up on the weekend of Dec 18th and 19th. Purchasing the bootcamp gives you lifetime access to the Elite Modeling Package.

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    • Prospect in RE - Comm
    Nov 29, 2021 - 4:39pm

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