WUSTL C-track VS USC MSF (International Student)

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I am an international student from US Top 50 undergraduate. I just got admitted to WUSTL (Corporate Finance track) and USC MSF for Fall 2018. It is so hard for me to make a choice.
Please consider:
1. I have no location preference for the future job (maybe slightly prefer the West Coast). Is the USC brand stronger in West Coast? And what about the two school in the whole U.S?
2. As an international, STEM is important. So given USC just became STEM this year and WUSTL C-track is not STEM, on this point I prefer USC. (STEM: international can stay up to 3 years instead of 1 year)
3. My short run goal is IBD in the US (I know it's tough) or F500 FLDP. But going back to my home country (China) is always acceptable.
4. I heard that WUSTL C track is extremely difficult for international students to apply, so should I see this offer as a valuable opportunity and go for it?

Appreciate all the suggestions and insights.


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Mar 16, 2018