Yale admit, now what?

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I was accepted to Yale for my undergraduate studies and am planning on double majoring in applied math and econ. I want to work in finance, but I'm unsure if my majors are fitting and what opportunities there are. I've researched investment banking and it doesn't seem very appealing (long hours, monkey work) and consulting also seems boring to me. Quant work seems interesting (I've always been a STEM person and I like math/cs/physics) but I'm not sure I'd want to pursue a long PhD while my friends are all out making money.

I know that I pretty much just have to maintain a sufficiently high GPA since I'll be attending a target/feeder, but any suggestions for potential positions that would be more interesting than IB and maybe more math/science based?

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Jan 11, 2019

For the quant route, I'm hoping to intern at a quant firm after sophomore or junior year (DE Shaw, Jane St, 2 Sigma, Citadel, etc) but would a full-time position require a PhD?

From what I've heard, IB may be worth the pain for a little while (learn a lot in a short time) and I could then transition to a hedge fund role or something in PE, but would those be much better? And would IB allow me to transition into quant roles?

Jan 11, 2019