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WSO Elite Modeling Package

  • 6 courses to mastery: Excel, Financial Statement, LBO, M&A, Valuation and DCF
  • Elite instructors from top BB investment banks and private equity megafunds
  • Includes Company DB + Video Library Access (1 year)

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  • Intern in IB - Gen
Jun 14, 2021 - 2:18am

You're doing it backwards. You're supposed to sleep around in the beginning and then get a girlfriend at the end of college

… or not at all

Jun 14, 2021 - 4:12am

Were you up front about this? I think it's workable if so, especially if your SO grew up around people with similar work hours. 

Jun 14, 2021 - 8:44am

Simple question. Are you willing to put in the effort? If so not easy balancing a relationship and being an analyst. But it can be done.

I decided pretty early on that my relationship with my GF was worth the effort. Now we're 3.5 years in and I just finished my first year as an analyst. What it takes is being upfront about how things will be, and mutual patience & great communication.

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300+ video lessons across 6 modeling courses taught by elite practitioners at the top investment banks and private equity funds -- Excel Modeling -- Financial Statement Modeling -- M&A Modeling -- LBO Modeling -- DCF and Valuation Modeling -- ALL INCLUDED + 2 Huge Bonuses.

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  • Business School in IB - Gen
Jun 14, 2021 - 1:34pm

If you're wondering if she'll be mad at you for furthering your career then either she's crazy or you're not ready for a relationship

  • Intern in PE - LBOs
Jun 14, 2021 - 5:06pm

It's gonna be tough brother. Unless she's a tier 1 already you could probably gun for a better offer with a hot city girl once you're at a BB. Depends on if you wanna put in the hours on her

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