"You cant turn 5k>5m...you can make far more money giving rich people advice" - Is there anything like this in the tech world?

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Hey WSO!

Me and a few guys had lunch with a hedge fund manager who had a net worth in the hundreds of millions. It wasn't really suppose to be a "business advice" meeting, but rather shooting the shit. A lot of the guys in the group were finance guys. Associates, analysts, traders, etc. Many of them were aspiring investors and the hedge fund guy gave great general business advice. I won't go into details (as to not bore you) but it was more-or-less learn your industry, study those who have succeeded, etc.
So to get to the point of my question, he said something interesting to the finance guys: "You're not gonna turn your own $5k into $5m....when starting off you can make more far, far money advising people with capital than trying to grow your own capital"

To the finance guys, this advice was very straightforward....it was basically saying "Become an expert in relation to stock fluctuations in a specific field....restaurants, biotech, etc....and then use that expertise to advise high-net worth individuals, and then take a piece of what they make".

Since I love technology more than I do finance, is there an equivalent of the above advice when it comes to us? In other words, are there any positions that exist that can allow you to "more far, far money advising people with capital". The closest thing I can think of is consulting, but what do you think?

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Jan 24, 2016