YouTube Content? (FOR WSO) Suggestions?

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I've been an avid poster for a bit, as many of you have pointed out, and its because I was blogging for WSO.

There are a lot of great things coming to WSO in the upcoming months including a potential youtube channel with content.

Are there any topic suggestions you have for this??? I want to make content ppl are generally enthusiastic to hear and COMMENT on. I know many of you are opinionated which I love!

Anyhow full transparency, I am a 21 yr old female and while I have been in finance for some time I am not senior-ed, and still growing into my VC sector. Theres potential for day in the life, what I've learned, my personal experiences, hosting/attending events, speaking at panels, VC in general, Corp Finance/Accounting (I've done this for 2 yrs), Venture University/VU Venture Partners, etc. for topics.

These are just some ideas off the top of my head that I can think of that I can speak to, but if theres any input that would b great!


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Sep 2, 2019


Sep 2, 2019

Day in the life on what? What would be occurring.

YouTube seems to attract a younger crowd from what I know so you might want to cater ideas towards them. Especially since a lot of older people on the site have a lot of experience.

Just a suggestion though

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Sep 2, 2019

Day in the life is what sounds most interesting but what I'd be doing is what I am really trying to narrow down.

I have ideas of course - like some of the ones I referenced above - but I did not know if theres anything that really stands out to anyone. I can go to business schools, conduct interviews, talk about my personal experience and development etc.

I'll definitely keep catering to younger audience in mind. I don't want to narrow my ideas just yet but all suggestions are valuable.


Sep 2, 2019

Given your choice of channel / media (YouTube), I'd think day in the life would be a good idea - this is harder for others to visualise if shared via written posts. Come to think about it, if someone could do it for banking / PE that would also be nice

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Sep 2, 2019

What about 15-20min primers on specific industry verticals? As deep as you can get in 20 minutes or so on various drivers and their relationships or verticals of interest in VC e.g. rare earth elements/TMT applications, or edtech innovations, the FDA clinical trial process, that sort of thing, as a resource for industry professionals.

EDIT: future of VR/AR, eSports industry, etc.

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Sep 2, 2019

Definitely a good idea. I most likely will touch upon that, but there is currently a VC podcast part of WSO already. Different than videos of course so I def want to touch on VC but don't want to oversaturate any specific area.

Great idea though. I will definitely do that periodically.

Sep 2, 2019

Are you in VU? I know it's pretty exclusive. As it gains popularity it will probably gain more attention so posting on that will get views. If you aren't in I wouldn't post thought bc it's competitive and that will hurt your chances fyi.

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Sep 2, 2019

I'm gonna assume you've done more than interning based on your posts so have you been doing you bachelors at the same time? It might be good to talk about school and work full time. I definitely would have watched when I was getting my undergrad

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Sep 2, 2019

Also, yes I am finishing that. I think its completely BS which I can speak to for sure.

And it has been VERY challenging so I if people want to hear about that I am all ears.

Thanks !!!

Sep 2, 2019

Got in but haven't started. Will in the upcoming months but I can definitely speak to my interview etc. Also got into Going VC but decided to go with VU just bc you can build a portfolio and more connections with it (at least from my perspective).

Would love to do both but that's way too much for me $ wise, at least for no

Sep 2, 2019

I would take the most popular organic landing pages on the current site and build video content for those.

Sep 2, 2019

Good and to the point!

Thanks I appreciate it

Sep 3, 2019

As per me, If you're looking for content ideas for YouTube then either you should go with your interest or look over the content ideas which your competitors are following.

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Sep 3, 2019

As per me, If you're looking for content ideas for YouTube then either you should go with your interest or look over the content ideas which your competitors are following.


Youtube is a massive platform, figure out the best way to value-add to the discussions that are already taking place...

1 - see what the competition is not addressing or covering and tackle it
2 - see what the competition is addressing/covering and come at it from a different angle/perspective

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Sep 11, 2019

Thanks for sharing! We think we figured out what were doing, definitely incorporating what you've mentioned, and will probably have the video up in the coming weeks!

There will be other content on there other than just my videos so should be interesting. Thanks!!!

Sep 17, 2019

WSO Media page is live here:
Lots in the pipeline and very excited to see what the response is from the community...

Current shows:

  • Moving Up Podcast (coming to video soon)
  • WSO Podcast WSO Behind the Scenes (currently just our weekly team calls recorded) - a bunch will be up by this Friday
  • IG Lives / Q&A
  • Premium Webinars (to be postedsoon)

**Coming Soon: **

  • Monkey to Millions - first recordings starts today
  • Ask WSO (with Isabella)

...Stay tuned!

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Sep 19, 2019