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Hi Guys, how are you doing.

I am about to embark the recruitment cycle for Asset Management roles and am not sure what the prospects will be. My background is in Actuarial Science (BSc 1st) and Computer Science (Oxbridge MSc).

I have been working in a no name company as a business analyst for 7 years post university and have no banking or asset management experience save some internships I did a while ago.

On application my credentials will be:

  • BSc Actuarial Science 1st Class
  • MSc Computer Science Pass
  • IFoA Associate Actuary
  • CFA Level 1
  • IMC Level 1 & 2
  • IT Competences: C++,Python,VBA,R
  • Relevant Extra-curricular: Started UK Domiciled investment fund trading currency spot and options.

I am mature; early thirties. What do you think on the recruitment prospects for quantitative, asset management and buy-side hedge fund roles in securities, particularly FX.

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Mar 29, 2019