Will financial analysts ever go extinct?

Wondering what is WSO's take on the coming automation of financial analysis. Will markets ever get so efficient from the algos that CFA's and research associates won't be...

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Online dating in NYC

For the single guys living in NYC , how are you liking the online dating scene? Back when I was there, the quality of women and matches was astounding, and other cities have...

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AMA: 1st Year Private Equity Analyst at a MF (KKR, BX, TPG, SLP, WP)

Hey everyone - this forum has served me greatly over the past couple of years and so I thought I'd give back to the community. Given the lack of info on PE Analyst programs on...

Being a father and a workaholic

Yeah, sometimes shit happens and I'm going to be father at my early 20's. Even though I've never intended to have kids, I know that I have to provide education and be present...

Friendzoned by Your Job

I've been paying close attention recently to what the people who advance quickly in their career have in common, and what the people who are stuck in the same role for years...

AMA: 2nd Year REPE Associate

Wanted to do this since I have recently seen a trend of more CRE posts in general, and quite a few about REPE specifically. Brief background:

-Not really sure if there'...

Any Skateboarders or Longboarders out there?

I used to skate a lot as a kid, (go to skateparks, hit the local spots etc.). Now just cruise around on a longboard once in awhile as I don't want to risk the injury but miss...

Investment Banking first or small Hedge Fund?

I have an option to return to a BB (think GS /MS/ JPM ) Investment Banking analyst coverage job full-time next fall after graduation, but also an option to start at a junior...

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