Hi All, Long term listener, first time caller to these prop trading threads. Am hoping some of you w/ experience in NYC prop trading scene might be able to impart some wisdom on a noob.

I'm a Harvard grad, living in NYC and spent last 2yrs at JPM Asset Mgmt and IBank Commodities Sales desk. I'm hoping to transition into nyc prop trading - sooner the better. Open to different asset classes and trading styles. One of my top priorities is moving to a reputable firm w/ solid training but which doesn't require too long of a training period. For example, I'm not crazy about idea that First New York asks you to take 18-24 mths. My biggest concern is: can I find a reputable NYC prop shop to join in the immediate term (i.e. not have to wait until a new training program begins months from now) and that wouldn't require many months of "apprenticeship" (which I imagine to be coffee-grabbing, etc)?

Also, any thoughts on T3 Trading? On the plus side, they allow you to join immediately and told me they can accelerate training into ~1 mth. On the down side, they ask you to pay alot for the training ($5500!) and I'm skeptical of that. Also it sounds like there's no salary after you open your $5k account. Has anybody worked for T3 and would care to discuss their experience?

Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance.