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Working in a team management position in the documentation group. Oversee customer trading documentation following ISDA guidelines and bank regulations. Knowledge of documentation protocols, ISDA agreements, custodial cash management and experience in OTC required.

Main Duties

Oversee and execute the workflow of ISDA client documentation activities involving all related departments, including sales, credit risk, legal, operations and technology. Track all required transaction documentation and coordinate with other functions involved in the documentation process.

  1. Work closely with staff to understand ISDA documentation requirements including the agreements, schedules, confirmations and terms.
  2. Manage all aspects of equity documentation including special terms, cancelations, reporting, etc.
  3. Work with the settlement teams to address documentation related issues.
  4. Promote knowledge of ISDA standards and industry and regulatory initiatives.
  5. Build strong working relationships with internal departments including Trading, Compliance, Credit, Legal, Operations and Technology.
  6. Partner with internal counterparts to prioritize documentation requirements, monitor status, troubleshoot problems; communicate/escalate issues, etc.
  7. Track and respond to internal queries regarding documentation status.
  8. Manage the meetings for prioritization decisions and statuses.
  9. Proactively identify and execute control and process improvement opportunities to streamline activities, improve quality, enhance documentation control and reduce inefficiencies.

Basic Qualifications:
* Bachelor's degree and 4+ years' of experience in Capital Markets working with ISDA documentation

Preferred Qualification:
* Knowledge and experience in Capital Markets
* Knowledge of ISDA, bank regulations and Dodd/Frank
* Strong problem solving and analytical skills
* Attention to detail, ability to multitask and meet tight deadlines
* Able to consistently deliver a high standard of results
* A team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Job Start Date: 
Sunday, January 1, 2012


Mid-Town Manhattan
10036 New York , NY
United States
40° 45' 30.8772" N, 73° 59' 4.0704" W
New York US