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Need Experienced Hedge Fund or Private Equity Capital Raiser (alternatives) looking to make the transition into film finance and global distribution and understand it as a non correlated asset class that outperforms all other non correlated asset classes in the world.

Must have superior relationships and substantial experience in raising capital from HNW investors, family offices, and institutional capital and the ability to do so in today's market offering investors an alternative to traditional private equity opportunities.

Many prominent and successful investors in this space include Anil Ambani (Reliance), Jeff Skoll (EBAY), Fred Smith (FEDEX), Norman Waitt (Gateway), Larry Ellison (ORACLE), Sidney Kimmel (Jones Apparel), Marc Cuban, Len Blavatnik, Thompson Family (Louisiana), Tim Headington (TX), Elliot Associates, Fortress Investments, Columbus Nova, Fidelity, Texas Pacific, M/C Ventures, Bank Of America Capital Partners, Honeywell Pension Fund, and numerous others.

Our business model bridges film finance, 3d technology, video on demand, and international distribution (including starting a new U.S. theatrical company similar to Lions Gate or Summit) across a portfolio of 50 films where each film is a standalone company, or, scalable to one film at a time, as well as global co-productions with China, Belgium, Canada, South Africa, Germany, France, Spain, New Zealand & others where our partner companies provide 40-60% of the equity in film finance transactions.
Deal is non-correlated to market fluctuations and offers investors multiple exits

Must have capabilities to arrange and raise $1M-$300M for both film finance, production, theatrical distribution, and understand that the studios have heavily consolidated, leaving an open door for a new stand alone U.S. theatrical distribution company.

Don't need to have actual experience raising capital in media, just warm relationships in raising capital for alternatives where your pitches to investors who trust you will be heard and your pitchbooks read with sincere interest.

Must be able to arrange a short term tranche of a min. of $3-$5 million with additional follow on amounts to exceed $100M+.

Must be ethical, diligent, a closer, and have a burning interest to be in the movie business.

Must have a superior Rolodex of investors who are on the sidelines eagerly waiting to put their money into something sooner than later and are sick of chasing the next Facebook or Groupon knowing only a small circle of investors will ever get into these startup deals.

We currently have imminent needs for a short term tranche so when applying, please indicate realistically based on your sphere of influence how quickly you can help raise capital and if these are 1250K,500K, or $1 Mil plus investors

Commission + equity participation + on-screen producer credits only for first $3 million raised then salary/draw + equity + commission for rest.

Our minimum buy ins per investor is $1.2 million for retail (based on 250,000 LLC UNITS) and $5 million for institutional so hitting the salary marker for experienced capital raiser can be quick.

Job Start Date: 
Sunday, January 1, 2012


St. Louis
60611 Chicago , IL
United States
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