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WSO Podcast | E140: VP in Corporate Development with IB Healthcare Chops from Jefferies + E&Y

WSO Podcast


In this episode, we learn how Joe used an extra year of school to get a masters in accounting in order to get another shot at recruiting and how he was able to land a relevant position to IB in Capital Markets Advisory at a Big 4 right out of school. Listen to hear how he was then able to make a successful transition to the healthcare group at Jefferies where he stayed for 2 years, what he learned in his short 7-month stint after lateraling to Rothschild's restructuring group and eventually, how he ended up working in corporate development making well into mid-6-figures in his early 30s. During this chat, Joe kept harping on one thing that helped him pave his own path, and I don't think it will surprise any of you...


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