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Investment Banking 2nd Year Analyst
Investment Banking 2nd Year Analyst
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Member since 2022
  • Toronto
About the mentor

2nd Year Corporate & Investment Banking Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Canada.

Cover Canadian Corporates and have previously covered Metals & Mining at BMO Capital Markets. Prior to BMO I worked in Commercial Banking at TD Bank covering diversified industries. Happy to discuss any of these previous career experiences, differences between commercial and corporate banking, pros and cons of each, and moving from one to the other. 

I came up from nothing - no parents in finance, no summer internships, no target school, no high GPA, and before banking I worked at McDonalds. If you're struggling to achieve the job of your dreams, give me a call, I'm sure I can help you build a plan and path with measurable goals and steps to reach your dream gig. 

Together we can: 

  • Discuss your goals to understand where you want to be, what's stopping you from getting there, and how to bridge the gap. 

  • Resume Review

  • Interview Prep / Mock Interviews

  • Coffee Chat Prep / Mock Coffee Chats 

  • Discuss Networking Strategies / How to Build Relationships in the Industry 

I'm also a co-founder and CEO of an online gaming business whilst in banking - if you are interested in entrepreneurship or opening a business some day and want to ask questions to someone who's been through the process of ideating, designing, and implementing a business from scratch while maintaining a banking job, I'm happy to chat about this as well. 

  • Commercial Banking
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