Coffee meeting gone wrong - Can I bounce back?

Hi monkeys,

I met up with an MD at a BB for coffee today and it didn't really go well. Some preface: this was my first time meeting someone above an analyst in the...

Hedge Fund Investor and Happiness Guru

Greg goes from McKinsey to Bain Capital to a hedge fund in San Francisco. His 2 principles for progressing in the world of investing and why he chose consulting over banking. Also, networking tips if you don't have the big names on your resume and how he found happiness.

How would you approach alumni on LinkedIn?

Hello guys so I am basically trying to network with some alumni in order to increase my chances of securing some work experience for next summer. My method until now has been...

Morning Brews: Houston, we have a problem


[We're] not able to secure a business environment"
Uber on suspending operations in Macau (southern China). CEO-less and Macau-less. Keep...

WSO New York Happy Hour: Thur 7/20, 7:00pm @5th and Mad

Happy summer, dear monkeys! Join us for the July 2017 happy hour! Come by and enjoy a few drinks and bites with fellow finance professionals. We're all very fortunate people...

Top Cities For Venture Capital In The US and Internationally?

Bit curious as to what you all view as the top VC markets in the US/Internationally currently? In the US, I'd assume that the San Francisco Bay Area is the top but what other...

Tech Firm Corp Finance Interview Question: How can you allocate resources of developers to various products

Hi All,
I was asked a question in Tech firm corp finance role. The interviewer asked how i can allocate software engineers resources to various prod. say why should we...

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WSO Series 7 Exam Prep Launched

Fellow WSO Members, I'm happy to announce that we have launched a new Series 7 training course today!

Take a look here and let me know what you think please: https://...

Coin Flipped 3 times interview question

If you flip 3 coins and I tell you that you got at least one heads, what's the probability that all three came up heads?

I came up with 2 different answers to this...