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About the Host

Alex began his career as an analyst at JPMorgan Private Bank. After completing the program, he moved into investment banking at Houlihan Lokey in their restructuring group. Alex went on to work at a digital media company before getting his MBA at UCLA Anderson. After business school, Alex co-founded a fintech app called Payclub. Alex grew up in Park City, Utah and loves to ski and golf.

How to become an entrepreneur from the founder of Google Voice

Craig Walker tells us what it's like to have Google buy your business then leave and have Google fund your new business. How you don't need a grand plan for your career, his advice on how to make it as an entrepreneur and why you don't need a desk phone!

Leaving banking to become a film director

How to find out what you're made of and why mixing your passions doesn't work. Also, best practices for applying to B-school, from a Wharton grad and current admissions consultant.

Drugs, fear, focus and taking a punch – leaving RBC to be a MMA fighter

Rolly left his trading job at RBC, moved to Peru and became a cage-fighter. What he was thinking while making the decision and his mind-set that prepared him to make such a radical choice. How he thinks about risk and not letting uncertainty get in the way of opportunity.

See his AMA here: AMA - I quit my job as a bond trader to fight MMA in Peru

Sales and trading at Merrill to software engineer

Ray grew up loving to code. He got a job on Wall Street from a non-target school before becoming a software engineer. Ray discusses his willingness to go anywhere for an opportunity, why the Bay Area is so good for tech, and how to get a job through your connections.

How to get into Harvard Business School and then start a business

Nupur just earned his MBA from HBS. He left investment banking and a job at Nickelodeon to start a media business. How to get into Harvard business school, when to take the GMAT and the best part of B-school.

IB to PE to Headhunting

A headhunter for hedge funds discusses what will set you apart. How to be honest with yourself and non-traditional paths from finance.

From Beauty Queen to Private Equity - Fear of Failure

Mags was a single mom and failed entrepreneur putting herself through school. Hear how she persisted and landed a job in private equity. The advantages of being a female on Wall Street, non-traditional paths into finance and how to maximize the leverage you have.

The Path from Banking to Google

Sameer tells us why getting a job in tech after banking was the hardest thing he's ever done, his advice for you and how to follow your passion. Check out his side hustle; Wall Street to Silicon Alley, a group that helps financiers transition into tech:

Advice to become CEO and Big Company’s vs. Small

Charlie Nooney, CEO of mobiTV describes what steps he took to become CEO and what specific skills set him apart. Leaving Disney to run a venture backed company, reporting to a board, the future of TV and the most important 2 things to do in your career.

CEO Coach who Left Goldman Sachs and Carlyle Breaks Down the Playbook for How to Win

Geoff Blades (@geoffblades) will tell you how to turn success into a method. How to find out what you want and then how to go get it.

ps for more background info on Geoff's story, check out this post: Why My Greatest Achievement As A Goldman Sachs VP Was Quitting

More Tips for How to Break into Wall Street – Andre Bueno

What you need to do to prepare yourself before you start looking for job and how the PRIME method is the key to landing the job. Tips to differentiate yourself in the resume submission/interview process and how to go from cold emails to job offers.

From an Extreme Non-Target to the Head of Trading at Lehman

Jared Dillian describes how he accomplished the impossible and his advice for you can do the same. How to stand-out, how to get the inside edge and what you can be doing now while still in school.

Why I Left Private Equity to Start a Business and Live on the Beach

Ben Altman (@Ben_CharismaOnCommand) worked at Blackstone M&A and then Hellman & Friedman. He walked away, moved to Brazil and started a business. How he did it while working in finance and what makes him happy today. Advice for what you should do if you don't like your job.

From the Army to Investment Banking

WestPoint grad and platoon leader in Afghanistan, Dom Latino tells us about his path to Evercore. Why he wanted to do it and what IB recruiting in business school is like. Also, how much you make!

Hedge Fund Investor and Happiness Guru

Greg goes from McKinsey to Bain Capital to a hedge fund in San Francisco. His 2 principles for progressing in the world of investing and why he chose consulting over banking. Also, networking tips if you don't have the big names on your resume and how he found happiness.

The Definition of Persistence - Andre Bueno

Andre didn't have the right background to break into Wall Street - but he did it anyway. How he did it and his four stories to making it happen. The unconventional strategies you can use to break into Wall Street when interviews are not available. Getting fired from Goldman Sachs and how not to make excuses for yourself.

From Media to Venture Capital and Back Again (Dennis Miller)

Dennis has had a huge career. Starting off in the entertainment business with Ted Turner tapping him to run Turner, being one of the first guys at Lionsgate and then running TV at Sony. Having a fascination for how tech impacted the content business, Dennis transitioned to an investing role in the venture capital world. Dennis tells us what it's like to be at an influential venture firm from the very beginning and how his career has helped him see where to put his time and money on the non-profit side and how easy and important it is for you to get involved now.

How to Trick Yourself Into Being Happy - Entrepreneurship Coach Eddie Weinhaus

Professor of entrepreneurship "Coach" discusses why he enrolled in law school after earning an MBA, being a successful entrepreneur and a professor. Coach then tells us how to know if you're doing the right thing in life and how to define happiness. We end the podcast with Coach singing the alphabet backwards, sharing his favorite movie quotes and discussing a book about the most important business decision you will make in your life.

Sales & Trading vs. Investment Banking, but Now Hedge Funds

Hedge fund analyst discusses his transition from sales and trading to banking to hedge funds. What it's like working for Houlihan' s restructuring group, distressed debt investing and the hedge fund interview process.

Transitioning from a Pilot to a Private Equity Associate – Managing Director at Google

Darren and I talk about his career going from a pilot to PE associate to 15 years at McKinsey and now Google. Darren leads a team of 600 at Google. We discuss his advice on how to get to get there and the skills and attitude that will set you apart. We finish with how to find happiness in where you are now and what you need to do to get a job at McKinsey or Google.

Here is the complete transcript of the podcast.

Alex Grodnik: Hi, you're listening to the Wall Street Oasis Podcast, a podcast about breaking...

Becoming CEO – Mike Hopkins CEO of Hulu

Mike walks us through his career and tells us about the skills that got him to where he is today. Why he got an MBA while working at Fox, the future of Hulu and the media industry and if I can have a job when I graduate.

Don’t ask for permission just go make it happen (Professor and Entrepreneur)

We have a mind-opening chat with ex-investment banker Josh about the importance of gaining self-awareness and understanding who you are and how to do that. We discuss whether you should get an MBA and how to make a complete life.

How to make the most out of B-School – 2017 MBA Candidate

2nd year MBA student discusses why investment banking was not for him and how he found what was. What success means for him and how it has changed over time and what you can do in business school to get the most out of it.

2-3-2 – Moelis, Brentwood, MBA Candidate

John talks about the trade-off of working hundred hour weeks in investment banking but how they help you find a great job after. We discuss the PE recruiting process and why he chose to come to business school rather than staying with his fund. John interned in the strategy group at the Wonderful Company over the summer and we discuss how he thinks about what he wants to do now.

Trying to impress others vs. trying to do what’s right for me (Andres Engel, Strategy at MeUndies)

Andres Engel, strategy executive and HBS grad chats about his passion to work with people and empower teams, growing up in Chile and why LA reminds him of South America. His background in investment banking both before and after business school and why he didn't see himself as a banker long-term.

From Banking to Consulting and Back Again - Shahzad Khan VP Moelis

Shahzad Khan VP at Moelis discusses what is what like working for Bear Sterns during the crisis and how being persistent can set you apart. Shahzad tells us why he went from banking to consulting and then back to banking and the differences between the jobs and personalities. Also, what he looks for in hiring analysts and associates.

Leaving Finance to Start an Online Business - Patrick Curtis Founder Wall Street Oasis

The Chief monkey stops by to discuss his background, how he got a banking job after not having an internship and then getting fired from his private equity job 6 months in. Patrick talks about what working 100 hours a week teaches you about yourself and the value of his Wharton MBA. We end with how he started WSO and the future plans for the site.