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  2. How Did You All Land Your FLDPs + Sophomore Summer Internships?

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    Hey friends, I created an account because I need some help with really setting up my future, and unless I'm both dumb as a brick + can't search forums well, there aren't any posts on this whole website that I've found that address my s ...

    5 comments15 Jan 2020 -

  3. E&Y Cadetship worth doing?

    Management Consulting

    I'm currently in the process of applying for an E&Y cadetship, and I want to know if anyone else believes it's a path I should go down? About 3 weeks ago I completed my aptitude test for the Brisbane E&Y, and this week completed the Tax ...

    6 comments21 Apr 2018 -

  4. I'm an undergraduate finance student at a non-target top 100 school and I think I'm probably picking between two positions for my summer internship. Both are paid fairly similarly, and after I consider sign on bonuses, parking costs and tolls, t ...

    1 comment23 Feb 2018 -