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I'm a senior in college and I recently received an offer at Accenture Federal as a level 11 Technology Engineer Analyst, with a career track of Client Delivery and Operations. I've been reading about this track online and have found mostly negative sentiments. I was wondering if someone could provide some more insight into work style and promotional opportunities- although I know it's all highly variable. I am someone without strong technical skills but I have very strong communicational and analytical skills. Is there opportunity to move around, and how technical is this work?

1 comment 27 Mar 2020 - sks008

Have Accenture Strategy Skills interview (IT Strategy Consultant) upcoming end of this week in the Dallas office. Anyone with prior experience in Accenture Skills Interview? Preferably IT Strategy if possible.

Also, are majority of projects travel based or if you are in a T1 city, you can work on local projects?


1 comment 02 Dec 2019 - pbd06

Went through a bunch of posts on here but can't seem to find some updated information on what Accenture Consulting does.

I've read it does mainly implementation work, but is there any opportunity to do Strategy or Commercial Due Diligence?


3 comments 02 Oct 2019 - mk1753

Hi all,

I am currently interviewing for a consulting role with Accenture Interactive and am trying to get a gauge on the salary range. I live in one of the top 3 most expensive cities in the US and have 4 years of experience in consulting and strategy in the software industry. I do not have an MBA.

Any tips on an average base salary range and variable compensation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

1 comment 02 Aug 2019 - new to consulting

Hey All,

Has anyone heard of how Accenture's Research Analysts fit into the overall structure? It's a rotational program with transition into Corporate Functions. Alternatively, I also have options with KPMG Advisory as well.

Ideally I'd like to go into MC or Strategy, which I believe the KPMG role would fit better, but I have been hearing that Accenture's name would be better for me. (Just graduated with no consulting experience)

Any other advice and feedback on which firm i should go with will help me!

Thank you in advance.

1 comment 21 Jun 2019 - b8978523

Hi all,

I'm a UK undergraduate who's been fortunate enough to receive offers for Associate positions at LEK, Strategy& Corporate and Accenture (all London office). I'd love to hear from anyone who has a perspective on the relative merits of starting out at each of these firms.

7 comments 08 Dec 2018 - MrBump