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When applying to McKinsey you have the options of selecting a city, or a city with an focus on operations or Digital. I understand the digital side is technology focus and operations is extracting value from day-to-day activities. Is applying as an analyst with no designator on operations or digital the same as applying to the strategy team? Or is applying to a city and not selecting operations/digital put you in the running for all teams?

8 comments 01 Aug 2020 - RuttedTrain

Hello, does anyone have any knowledge/experience on how large these two offices are for McKinsey (Charlotte and Atlanta), is one significantly larger/smaller than the other? I am thinking of putting Charlotte as my #1 office preference but I am concerned if it is so small that they might only have 1 or 2 openings, while Atlanta may have 15 or 20. I want the best chance of getting in, balancing office sizes, as NY obviously has the most openings but it is harder to get in.

8 comments 31 Jul 2020 - RuttedTrain

There have been other threads on the topic of ranking McKinsey offices (https://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/which-are-…) but many of them are from 2011 or earlier. The general consensus in 2011 was:

NY > SF > Chicago + Boston + London > LA > Seattle > Atlanta/Austin/Dallas/Philly/etc. > Miami/St. Louis/Cleveland/Houston/etc.


NYC+SF>Boston+London>Chicago>LA>>Atlanta/Houston/Dallas/Philly type cities

22 comments 29 Jul 2020 - RuttedTrain

Hi guys! Sorry for the off-topic and looking for some tips, as I found no useful information so far.

I applied to McKinsey for an internship, passed the CV screening and very sadly for me failed the Imbellus Digital Assessment (feeling a bit dumb about this).
Is there anyone who re-applied and passed it again? Or are there any tips? Or, people who passed, what were your tips?
Any help how to prepare it?

I was pretty confident with my first part, but the second part went much worse as I thought I had only 12 min for this game and stressed, so finished earlier.

3 comments 14 May 2020 - theonethatgotcaught

Hi all. I have a final interview (lateral hire, but from ER) with an MBB firm (Asian office). Last interview of the final round (will have had 4 interviews total). At this point, am I practically a shoo in unless I mess up a lot, or is this interview still make or break? Regardless, I'd still be trying my best.

7 comments 09 May 2020 - ERmonkey100

Does anyone have any ideas of what BCG's best practice areas are in the New York office? I'm defining "best", as working with the best clients in the sector, selling at the highest price point, providing the most real and tangible value to the client company, and providing the members of the team with the opportunity to work on problems that are truly challenging and will have large implications on the future of the client company and their industry.

1 comment 07 Mar 2020 - CaptianLevi

Hi All,
I am currently applying for McK Digital UAE (Product Owner Role), and I'd like to learn more about their salaries. I tried to check online but couldn't find anything. Does someone know anything about McK Digital salaries for UAE (Dubai/Abu Dhabi)?

2 comments 17 Feb 2020 - drew.david

Hi everyone! I'm looking for your advice as I just finished my MBA recruiting process and now have to decide between McKinsey and Bain offers in London. To be quite honest, I like the Bain team better, prefer their local staffing model, have been offered a higher salary, and feel there is greater support for consultants based on conversations with their HR team. However, I don’t know if turning down an offer from McKinsey is a smart choice due to the prestige of the firm and the potential future opportunities that may derive from that.

3 comments 26 Oct 2019 - gkestler.mba2020

Hi there!

I am a current senior studying in a well ranked undergraduate business program with a minor in Computer Science. This past summer, I had the opportunity to intern in Seattle, WA as a PM intern with Microsoft. Upon completion of my internship, I was offered a full time offer with Microsoft. The offer was very competitive with a large base salary, a signing bonus, and stock options. I have not signed yet, but up until a few days ago, that was my plan all along.

1 comment 14 Oct 2019 - Haley-Dunlop