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Quick question... I am curious how you veteran analysts at HF's have learned to monitor information flow? As someone who aspires to break into this space, I want to follow the "best practices".

I am interested in the macro HF side and understand that knowing what is going on all over the world is imperative to generating alpha...but how do you decide what sell-side stuff you want to read?

Besides answering the above question, would you mind sharing your process for managing news flow?

1 comment 25 May 2020 - wolfofdurham34


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2 comments 02 Jan 2020 - reklam

Any thoughts on New Mountain Capital? Seem to be growing fast and doing quite well. However pretty limited info out there. Wanted to resurface the discussion so see if anyone had new opinions etc..

3 comments 30 Oct 2019 - conums

Hello everyone,

I am a Singaporean student who is about to graduate, and have been looking for a job recently.

I have always been very interested in Private Equity, and have two Private Equity internship experience under my belt.

I have been trying to search for an investment analyst role in PE, but I understand it is really tough to break into the industry with an undergraduate degree, let alone an investment analyst role. Most PE shops required a couple years of big 4 or IB experience.

1 comment 15 May 2019 - Singhaho