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Happy Holidays everyone, the reason I am making this post is that I am desperate for the guidance that I need in order to know what to do to break into banking. I want to make the most out of my winter break. I am currently a 3rd-year student at Rutgers who has no finance experience. I have been trying my hardest but I can't even get a first round interview. My GPA is mediocre (3.3) because my whole life I have been forced to work full-time jobs while going through school.

1 comment 25 Dec 2018 - hcmj19

Hey guys,

I've been lurking for quite a while and I'd like to ask for your advice regarding two offers I have for my internship. I am an undergrad at a European target and I finally received my two offers for off-cycle spring internships (3m). Both companies are offering me three month internships in the EMEA region (not London).

1 comment 18 Jul 2018 - GermanBSc

I'm currently a high school senior looking to eventually go into the investment banking (not sure specifically what part) and want some advice on which colleges I applied to will give me the best shot of landing a job at a BB firm.

8 comments 11 Mar 2018 - KBBEAN

Hey everyone,

I'm Canadian and just graduated this past spring from a New England prep school (think Andover, Exeter, Deerfield, etc.). I applied and was accepted to a few colleges last year, but I'm currently taking a gap year for various reasons & am planning to reapply to some universities soon. While I didn't really do any business-related ECs in high school, I've read a bit about IBD on WSO forums & am interested in IBD as a possible career (ideally, I'd really like to work in the States in the future). My options are:

50 comments 17 Jan 2018 - Thunderfin

I am currently studying Brokers economy as an undergrad. I do not go to a fancy school with famous alumni which means even though I might receive top grades, I will most likely be passed over for summer jobs or summer internships at banks and investment firms. I want to take the CFA level 1 while doing my second year in college (currently studying my first year). Im certain that as I can have a year to study for it I will pass.

5 comments 02 Oct 2017 - Ljung

Finalizing my college list for EA and ED applications towards the end of this year. Ideally, I'd like to enter an IB career after college in NYC (or Chicago) but I have looked into London opportunities also. I'm seeking input on the list I have, as well as adding or removing schools. Thank you!

In no particular order: Penn (definite reach), Cornell, NYU, UMichigan, Illinois Urbana-Champaign, UWisconsin-Madison, UVA, Williams, Claremont McKenna, Middlebury, Wesleyan, and Colgate (All out of state).
Bath or Manchester for the UK.

4 comments 16 Jul 2017 - LeveragedLoon

Looking to get into IB. Not 100% sure I'm into Investment Banking, but I'm confident I want a high paying finance job right after undergrad. I didn't get into Ross at UMich and I believe their new policy states you can't transfer once you've been rejected as a pre-admit. My parents will be paying for my tuition and I'm a Canadian domestic student. Should I spend 2 years at UMich LSA and try to transfer into another b-school? Or just stick with UBC?

6 comments 25 Apr 2017 - uoftmania