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  2. Airport horror stories

    Site Suggestions

    What are some of your airport horror stories that you've had when you do business travel? airport ...

    58 comments9 Aug 2014 -

  3. Best airline for flying out of NYC

    Management Consulting

    I'll be starting my FT consulting gig here in a couple of weeks, and obviously want to soak up the periphery benefits of frequent travel. For traveling out of NYC, who do you guys recommend I travel with? American, Delta, United, US Air? I've he ...

    22 comments14 Aug 2013 -

  4. Philly- Airport

    Off Topic

    Anyone else stuck in the Philly airport? I need someone to drink with so this waitress will get her judgmental eyes off me. delay Boredom airport ...

    14 comments23 Apr 2016 -

  5. Stars including Reese Witherspoon and Michael J. Fox have won a campaign to build a secluded celebrity terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Yup. Can't hang out with you bums. http://www.torontosun.com/2015/11/20/celebrity-ter... airpo ...

    12 comments20 Nov 2015 -

  6. Abolish the TSA

    Off Topic

    So now that Osama is dead can I stop taking my shoes off at the airport? I'm not so ignorant to believe that by virtue of his death, terrorism will come to an abrupt end. I'm also not so ignorant to believe that scanners and TSA goons feeling me ...

    11 comments3 May 2011 -

  7. Currently interviewing at an infrastructure group that specializes in airport investing and got invited to do a case study next Wednesday. I will have to do a model within 90min and then send it back. The company does terminal redevelopment, privatization ...

    1 comment25 Mar 2018 -