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  2. Selling my training materials for $100 total. Series 79 and 63 study manuals, which retail over $350. Excellent condition with no notes or writing on the material. Please PM or message me if interested. I have several AMT training materials as well: * Val ...

    3 comments4 Jul 2015 -

  3. AMT or TTS

    Investment Banking

    Hi guys, I need to independently choose a financial modelling course for myself in London, which one by your experience has been better? Any comments on individual parts of the training? TTS Financial Modelling amt ...

    2 comments14 Jan 2015 -

  4. Looking to buy AMT materials

    Investment Banking

    Hi everyone, I wanted to prepare myself for banking and heard that AMT training materials are good. Would anyone here be willing to sell / share their training guides / books? I would really appreciate it. Please PM me. Thank you! amt training materials ...

    5 Feb 2015 -