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  2. I have offers from both Analysis Group in LA and a boutique investment bank in Minneapolis. How would you choose personally? pros and cons? Initial thoughts on ultimate goal is to get into HBS, and PE / VC as a career. Thanks guys for your input Analysis ...

    6 comments6 May 2020 -

  3. AG vs NERA vs Brattle vs Cornerstone

    Management Consulting

    Hey folks. I have offers at all four of the "top" econ consulting shops. Are there any differences in terms of exit opps (b-school in particular), prestige, otherwise that should help inform my decision? All west coast offices Cornerstone I like ...

    3 comments6 May 2020 -

  4. Anyone know about Analysis Group?

    Management Consulting

    Hey everyone, Was wondering if anyone had any insight on Analysis Group. I believe its the first time they are recruiting at our school for Full time analyst positions. From what I understand they do economic consulting, have solid exit opportunitkes, and ...

    2 comments6 May 2020 -

  5. Hi everyone, I am PhD grad, I have applied for healthcare associate position at Analysis Group and I am waiting for their reply. Meanwhile, I wanted to know more about the firm, application process, work culture, and exit opportunities for an associate. A ...

    2 comments2 Nov 2016 -

  6. Graduating Senior Career

    New User Introductions

    Hi all, I am a senior at a top school, majoring in statistics with a 4.0 GPA. I am very interested in a quant heavy graduate degree (MBA, Finance, Stat Ph.D) down the road, but would like to get some real world exposure first. I am considering the followi ...

    2 comments8 Oct 2012 -

  7. Economics Consulting Question

    Management Consulting

    I've been looking around as to the best way to get into economic consulting with one of the big firms (AG,Brattel,CRA) and I think I'm looking at three options: 1) Get my master in applied econ and then apply to boost my chances 2) Work as a res ...

    1 comment9 May 2018 -

  8. Value Investor Group on WSO

    Equity Research

    Hey everyone, I was hoping to network with any value-oriented investors on this site. My goal is to gather a bunch of investors together and bounce ideas off one another. If the group is successful and grows close, I would also like to start a fund some y ...

    18 Feb 2015 -

  9. Database of interview questions from Analysis Group, as well as compensation figures...

    28 Interview Questions4 Nov 2015