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Hi all, I'm a rising junior at a non-target public school on the east coast. Next summer I'm set to intern at an "elite boutique" middle market tech IB group (there's some consumer work too, but mostly Rx (thanks COVID)). Currently, I have my basic modeling skills down-pat from interview preparation, my current boutique IB internship (which is mostly simple waterfall and DCF models), and outside research.

1 comment 31 Jul 2020 - jmendelson101

Incoming BB investment banking analyst in the NY office where we were told training will be virtual from our start date in June until late august. Although I currently do not live in California, would I be able to rent a place in California (with other friends at the same company), complete the virtual training from this Californian rental, and be eligible for California overtime pay laws?

Any perspective on the likelihood of this working?

1 comment 27 Apr 2020 - TJWFfan

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew much about how the banks (especially BBs, GS, MS, JPM, UBS, CS etc) run their FT analyst training programs?

I understand it's a month or so, but where are these held and when do they usually start? And would all new FT analysts train there? Eg would HK/SG/AU analysts come to the same one as the NYC/London analysts?


4 comments 22 Dec 2019 - wegawega

To all ex S&T summer analysts: I was wondering what does the training week at the outset of S&T SA programmes entail? I'm considering using that as an indicator of what pre-internship prep I should do and even regardless of that, it'd be nice to know beforehand.

I've also heard "Zoologic modules" pop up on a number of occasions in related discussions. A quick Google search didn't yield much so any info regarding this will also be much appreciated. Thanks!

5 comments 23 Apr 2018 - DeltaOneSkilliad

Which BBs/EBs send analysts for training in NY? I know Citi, BAML, DB, CS, Rothschild have training programs held in London, and Evr sends them for 10 days. But what about the rest? - MS/PWP/Moelis/PJT/Nomura/HSBC/Macquarie/Greenhill and so on.

Are training programs any different?

7 comments 16 Jan 2018 - tommybear

Hi all,

I work as an analyst in Bangladesh. My company has recently started Equity Mutual Funds Management. I'm looking for some kind of analyst exchange program/ professional training program, that'll expose me to actual investment decision making practices in Indian mutual fund industry. My target is to learn from actual professionals who can guide us about the best practice in investment analysis for equity mutual funds.

Can anybody suggests about any institution/organization that provides such opportunities?


0 comments 29 Aug 2017 - Sapiens