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A friend of mine showed me an e-mail about title changes at Bain. Apparently, the following changes will apply to the generalist consulting pool:

  • Case Team Leader becomes Manager

  • Manager becomes Senior Manager

  • Principal becomes Associate Partner

This seems to be done to align with the rest of the industry. Other changes seem to apply to experts, support, etc.

Can anybody confirm this is global? Any additional view on non-generalists?

30 comments 30 Jun 2020 - Ruhm

I'm deciding between offers from Bain and BCG. I've been able to do a ton of reading about the two firms to get a general comparison (a lot thanks to this forum!) and have gotten to chat with people at both firms at this stage. I like the people at Bain better and could really see myself being happy working there.

30 comments 25 Jun 2020 - ellemay

Has anyone interviewed for the BEL program or know when we hear back?
Not too much information was given so don't know how to gauge if my interview went well or what the chance of getting an offer for something like this is...

3 comments 22 Apr 2020 - myquarantinedself

Hi! I'm interviewing soon for the Bain BEL program and was wondering what I should expect for the case if it is about 10-15 mins long. Can you provide a few examples? I just know this is shorter than usual, so I was wondering how they would adjust a case for this.

65 comments 14 Apr 2020 - bb36

Hello all! I am a current college student with little to no prior experience in consulting. I’ve done tons of research on different positions in the realm of business and I am confident that consulting is the route I want to take. I have done research on case interviews, taken practice GMAT exams, and attend a feeder school to Bain. My question is how do I go from having little to no experience to being qualified enough to even apply for summer internships?

1 comment 28 Jun 2019 - Always_a_student

Hi everyone. Monkey from a target business school (Think top2 ), junior undergrad, international student. Grew up in China, high schooled in singapore. GPA 3.9/4.0. Was extended internship offers both from Bain Greater China office and ATK in New York.

Long term goal: high level corp.management in China or entrepreneurship. Currently wish to be in China in the long run.

Some measures that I am considering (in descending priority order)

1.Nature of Work (Will the work in Bain GC be intellectually engaging? How is its position objectively speaking in GC?)

1 comment 23 Oct 2018 - oreoo

What is the expected turn around time for Bain after the final round for the ACI roles. I checked the Bain website and there seems to be first round interviews for the office I applied for the next couple weeks. Would I get my decision after everybody has interviewed?

1 comment 21 Oct 2018 - ymlv

I've been invited to take the Bain numerical and verbal reasoning tests (2 tests) for the UK office. Can anyone help with sample tests and structure of the test (types of questions, number of questions, etc).
Is it more like PST, GMAT, SHL, etc? Would help to get some guidance on how to prepare!

1 comment 06 Aug 2018 - sgar

Dear WSO,

Recently I have received a summer internship offer at an MBB in Europe (with 3/4 conversion rate) which I am gonna do. However I also have an offer to join the LBS Masters in Management for the year after (have paid 9kEU as reservation fee already).

Now my question: Should I still do LBS or ask the MBB whether I can start full-time right after my internship (if I was to receive an offer)?


16 comments 12 Apr 2018 - Sekoya