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  2. GS Financing VS. CS VS. BAML

    Investment Banking

    If you are given summer offers from GS Financing, CS corporate finance, BAML all in HK IBD, how would you choose? Thoughts very much appreciated! BB HK Salary ...

    13 comments27 Jan 2011 -


    13 comments11 Oct 2010 -

  4. Received an offer from a BB in HK. The base salary is on par to the market, but, will have to pay for housing and there's no over-time. Was wondering how negotiable the contracts are and would that negatively impact my career or their perception of m ...

    7 comments1 Feb 2016 -

  5. French in London/HK/NYC

    Investment Banking

    Hey! I was wondering if you knew any French people working in London, Hong-Kong or NYC...how did they get there and what schools did they go through french london nyc BB HK No Yes 343120 48029 206421 90997 88235 ...

    4 comments25 Aug 2019 -

  6. Asia BB SA resume review help

    Job Search Advice

    I'm applying for Asia BB SA for S&T and ER, and it would be great if someone could take a bit of time to take a look at my resume and give me some feedback/critique. thanks! http://www.razume.com/documents/23280 ER sa resume HK Resume Review BB H ...

    3 comments29 Nov 2011 -

  7. PE Fund of Funds--> BB IBD HK?

    Job Search Advice

    Help! What is the likelihood of switching from a PE FOF analyst role at a leading platform (think HarbourVest, Carlyle Group's Alpinvest, etc) in HK to BB IBD? Willing to start from first-year analyst and work my way up. Just need a way out of the PE ...

    2 comments1 Nov 2017 -

  8. Monkeys: I just wanted to ask a question about starting my career in Hong Kong. I would like to transition to North America eventually and the role is economist/research in FICC at a bulge bracket. How easy is the transition? Or do I have to go back and d ...

    2 comments6 Nov 2012 -