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  2. Mod Note (Andy)- This AMA was originally posted last year but @SeekingAlpha180 said he can still take questions from you (+new questions about his transition) 3/7/16 update: WSO Monkeys- I just moved to a top MM IB doing M&A in one of the main sectors ...

    61 comments7 Mar 2016 -

  3. Hi all, I haven't posted here in a while but have benefitted tremendously from the insights posted by others. Figured I would contribute to the community by sharing my experience and answering any questions I can. About me:-Finishing my 1st year work ...

    25 comments10 Jul 2014 -

  4. How easy is to move from audit Big 4 and then into IB?

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    I am starting a role in audit at one of the Big 4 (London office) in September, in the audit team where I'll hopefully gain the ACA after 3 years. My ultimate/eventual aim is to move into the M&A arm of an Investment bank. I've heard that an ...

    11 comments9 Feb 2017 -

  5. Hi all, First post here. I am currently in audit at one of the Big 4 and am interested in eventually transitioning to transaction advisory services, specifically accounting due diligence for M&A and perhaps later, some valuation work. What is the reco ...

    13 comments17 Aug 2012 -

  6. Reappraising the Big 4

    Investment Banking

    Disclaimer *********When I refer to Big 4 here I'm talking about Big 4 M&A...i.e. the teams that actually do deals...I am not referring to Valuations, business modelling, transaction services/support, restructuring, transaction advisory services, ...

    13 comments27 Apr 2012 -

  7. Hi all, I am an economics graduate with one year of EY Advisory experience mainly in project management of large international projects (got an IPMA-D sertificate). During my study years I was quite interested in finance (scored 590 on Bloomberg Assessmen ...

    8 comments15 Jul 2014 -

  8. Unexpected Dilemma!

    Job Search Advice

    3 months ago I was losing hope on getting placed before my undergrad is over. I thought my finals will end in May and I'll be on a job hunt at least till August or so! Well... how things can change. I have not 1 but 2 offer letters currently and my l ...

    7 comments20 May 2014 -

  9. Big 4 + CPA + CFA exit ops

    Investment Banking

    Just wondering what exit ops look like for somebody coming from Big 4 Valuations (or M&A) with CPA and CFA? Would be particularly interested in hearing what exit ops would be like in London/Europe (would be ACA qualification instead of CPA) but would ...

    7 comments26 Nov 2011 -

  10. M&A strategy jobs

    Management Consulting

    Dear all, I have landed an M&A strategy consulting job in February this year at one of the Big 4 in Japan. Whilst I am genuinely enjoying the contents of the projects (commercial due diligence, PMI, M&A process improvement etc.), I find working wi ...

    6 comments5 Aug 2015 -

  11. Career change from M&A Tax

    Job Search Advice

    Hey guys- does anyone have experience in switching career from a Big 4 M&A Tax group? I have been in tax for over 3 years now and have done many deals. That got me more interested in the finance side of things. I recently thinking of switching career ...

    6 comments4 Nov 2014 -

  12. Big 4 Post Internship

    Other Industries

    I am currently working for a Big 4 firm as an intern in M&A Transaction Services. I was curious to hear responses on what to expect after my internship. For instance, will I receive a job offer? Will it be in M&A? If I don't what advice could ...

    6 comments16 Feb 2012 -

  13. Big 4 TAS---> B School---> IB?

    Job Search Advice

    Hey guys, long story short: I have a good friend working at one of the Big 4 who is willing to refer me if there are any positions open. I've missed the boat when it comes to investment banking as an analyst (Already out of college for a year, no int ...

    5 comments29 Jan 2018 -

  14. Hi all, TLDR because I know people here are really busy and short for time. Choose one: M&A or Debt and capital advisory. I have offers in an accounting firm (yes, for shame I am posting in the IB forum but I figured that M&A and DCA are similar t ...

    3 comments29 Jan 2018 -

  15. Hi there guys I have an opportunity to either join the M&A TS team in NYC or the CF team in London of a big 4 firm. Which one would you guys suggest Ito exit opportunities into investment banking, specifically equity research? Also, would M&A TS c ...

    5 May 2015 -

  16. M&A Consulting

    Management Consulting

    I graduated in May 2014 and started working at a Bank as a Financial Analyst for 6 months. I have two CPA tests under my belt but looking at all these job descriptions doesn't seem like it helps. How can I obtain this goal in becoming a M&A consu ...

    25 Feb 2015 -