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I mean like the spam emails you get or the very suspicious commercials you see on...suspicious sites. I know basically nothing at all about crypto or...trading scams in general, but just out of curiosity...what exactly do these people do? Is it just a pyramid scheme type of thing?

8 comments 21 Apr 2020 - Yasuo the Unad…

Its so heartless that people you trust and invest a huge amount money with them expecting returns and profit always find a way of paying back evil. I met Vldimre Luka on a diamond investment forum because I really wanted to invest my retirement funds in Diamonds. Unfortunately for me, I made the worst mistake of my life. After discussing with Luka I wired the sum of $600,000 to Luka in order to purchase diamonds worth that amount. To my surprise, Luka blocked me from contacting him.

1 comment 02 Mar 2020 - wilsonborne44

I got ripped off by an investment company named cryptoallday by sending them all my life savings, I invested $70,000 of my trust-fund money and was hoping to triple my capital in a week as they promised. When it was time to withdraw my profit I was being coerced into sending more money for my cashout which I ignorantly did.. To cut the long story short I lost all the money and was left with nothing so I began searching the whole web for somebody who could recover stolen bitcoins.

1 comment 02 Mar 2020 - wilsonborne44

The past 3 months has been hell for me. I lost $110,000 to a OMCMARKETS! These fraudulent company cleaned me off my hard earned money. They kept asking for more deposit and when I didn’t give in they stopped responding to my mails. I was desperate for a refund as I couldn’t pay my mortgage. I got the best Christmas gift in advance for myself and my kids being a single mother. CREDITSOLUTION63 was able to recoup my invested capital in less than 12 working days. God does answer prayers.

1 comment 17 Feb 2020 - wilsonborne44

The ProperSix exchange is a crypto trading platform where users can trade at a much faster transaction speed.
ProperSix exchange will ensure a transaction speed of more than 6000 TPS (transactions per second) and the more
we scale, the faster we get. ProperSix exchange is secured by advanced architectural solutions such as inclusion of
hot and cold wallet with the encryption and limited access of the database. Furthermore, ProperSix are using
advanced multi-factor authentication solution, which is developed on top of the blockchain, which is much more

3 comments 22 Dec 2019 - Jamse-Marcks

People make a lot of decisions that fills them with regrets in the long run. Bitcoin was once an affordable investment to now a high-end one. Many were not sure what they could do with it and now they are telling themselves that they should have invested in them in the past. We have seen its value go up and down couple of times but it recovered.

Now that it is at around $7500 to $8000 a piece, do you think the current price range bubble would continue to rise or it would drastically burst in the years to come?

1 comment 10 Jun 2019 - laurencehanlin

Recently, more and more articles and information about cryptocurrency have appeared on the Internet and in the press.
We are told about its advantages, properties, usability.
Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency is almost never used as a payment.
Banks and payment systems are in no hurry to use cryptocurrency.

Let’s see how the banks and the SWIFT system interact:
zenith. 0xbt. net/W.png
Used diagram by John Hemminger from the Chelsea AllIson article: “What is SWIFT?”(fin. plaid. com/articles/what-is-swift)

1 comment 22 Feb 2019 - zenith_1

The Crypto Bubble

Growth of Cryptocurrencies

We've all heard of Bitcoin, one of the oldest cryptocurrencies first emerging in '09, although it is by no means the only cryptocurrency. Bitcoin can be useful to track the growth of the cryptocurrency market, as there is only a slight deviation between Bitcoin's growth and the growth of the entire market.

1 comment 13 Sep 2018 - GingerGuy