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  2. Hey all, Wanted to ask everyone what their experience with BIWS/ WSP was. BIWS: $499 WSP: $424 (With a discount code oasis15) Ignoring the price, which website/training course has better quality? I've read that BIWS is sometimes too basic and WSP is ...

    4 comments27 Jul 2016 -

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    I am debating between buying the premium vs basic package. I have no interest in going into investment banking but am really interested in pursuing a career where I create financial models of companies so that I can value the company stock and make recomm ...

    1 comment11 Dec 2018 -

  4. Hey Monkeys, Some input would really be appropriated. I graduated from Northeastern with a degree in finance this May (2018). My GPA is below a 3.5 but not terrible at a 3.36. I have one internship at a BO role at Brown Brothers Harriman. I am currently w ...

    1 comment30 Jul 2018 -