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  2. Private Equity- Carried Interest?

    Have a question for all the PE guys here. I've been trying to figure out if the carried interest I get paid (middle level guy..senior associate/VP) is market. My fund based out of SF focuses on the middle market, but we have a decent fund size (betwe ...

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  3. S&T Bonus Structure

    I know this topic has been "beaten to death", but I'm struggling to find decent bonus information for sales and trading roles in particular. I've done some fairly extensive searching but the vast majority of topics cover traditional IB ...

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  4. Clawbacks Coming

    As more than a few Dodd-Frank aftershocks tremor about this week, none can be more important to the rank and file of Wall Street than [/embed] potential bonus clawbacks. Even though such clawbacks would not directly affect our typical WSO monkey, this is ...

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