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Let's get a nice chain of 2020 comp data from folks in the credit and equity research space. I'll start:

Title: Credit Research Associate (1st year)
Rank: Bottom, first post-MBA job
Firm Type/Size: Buy-side, $200B AUM
Base/Bonus: $110/45
City Description: low COL city in U.S.

Looking forward to seeing how everyone fares for 2020.

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38 comments 18 Feb 2020 - FedToy

Hi, I work at an equity LS hedge fund with about 200mil AUM (20% PM's money+80% client money) as an analyst.
I worked at bulge bracket IB for 2 years after graduation until last winter and joined current firm in April.

Our return was OK (+13% from fund's inception in April) and I currently earn 120k base.
We are small team of 2 analysts+1 PM+4 OPs and have 2/20 structure.
Although I don't have independent book, I would say I was involved in at least 50%-60% of portfolio construction(and also trading) and performed well.

32 comments 13 Jan 2020 - ciao_oasis

Is it me or is the pay of a junior analyst considerably lower in London compared to NYC?
After doing some research I saw that the pay for a 1st year analyst was:

In London: 50k£ + 20k£ bonus = 70k£ = 84k$
In NYC: 85k$ + 50k$ bonus = 135k$

Can someone tell me why?

2 comments 27 Aug 2019 - Reverse-Reverse

Hey! I've heard that the base salary for a first year analyst in London is 50K pounds with a bonus around 20k-30k... Is this correct?
These numbers seem extremely low compared to the salaries in NYC....
Why is that? And are they any benefits in working in London compared to New York?

2 comments 26 Aug 2019 - Reverse-Reverse


Discussing some new roles which would would allow me to structure my own package. Within the hedge fund world, at the PM level, is there a typical formula (or at least framework) for annual bonus based on performance? % of total P&L? % of profit above a hurdle rate or benchmark?

Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks everyone.

  • Billy Ray
1 comment 22 Aug 2019 - Billy Ray Valentine

Was recently asked in an interview "When would you be able to start and are you tied to a bonus structure?." What is the purpose of the 2nd part of the question? Do people ever accept an offer, continue at their current job till they get their bonus, and THEN put their two weeks in? Do they convince their new employer to pay them the bonus that they would have received if they were still at their prior firm? Can anyone explain what the purpose of that question was?

1 comment 17 Aug 2019 - Etatereal

Hi all,

I just joined a boutique today and realise that the bonus for analyst will be released in June. I do not think I will be entitled for the bonus.

May I ask how lateral hire analysts are treated in other companies? What is usually the cutoff (how many months for that year) period for the analyst to be entitled to bonus?

Will I will then be entitled to 14 months bonus ? (2 months this year + 12 months of service next year)

Appreciate any sharing of your own experience.

5 comments 02 May 2019 - dogdog

Hi everyone,

I have been lurking on this forum for quite some time now. Throughout most of my time as an undergraduate, I have aimed for roles in investment banking, but it appears that an REPE analyst role has fallen into my lap and I have been trying to gauge what compensation is for the past few months.

4 comments 23 Feb 2019 - YoungKapitalist