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Hi everyone. I come from an equities background but want to learn about RE.

I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for the best books to learn about RE analysis. I'm basically looking for material on how to invest as an individual.

Most of the stuff I see online seems to either be 1) overly simple and erroneous or 2) a scam. I want something at the level of someone who has already taken an undergrad finance major and is comfortable with DCFs.


5 comments 09 Jul 2020 - omahazookeeper

What books do you recommend for someone who wants to have a basic understanding of what you do/how your industry or subsector works/what your job is "all about" and why? Is there any amount of technical knowledge pertaining to your specific industry that would be useful for a generalist/industry outsider (I'll just leave "useful" undefined for now)? Looking for reading that will really broaden how I think about business and make me better at spotting or evaluating opportunities when they arise. Hope that's not too vague, all recs welcome.

3 comments 15 Feb 2020 - sadfasfq2tq23t

What books/accessible materials do major firms point newbies to to learn the investment appraisal (both in terms of stocks and macro trends)?
Obviously a lot is learned from shadowing/on the job stuff, but it would be interesting to hear what professional courses/books are backed by institutions.

1 comment 13 Nov 2019 - dizzydiz

I am an incoming freshman at a target school who wants to learn more about IB, PE, ST, HF, VC, Corporate finance etc. I was wondering what books I could read, videos/films I could watch, or podcasts that I could listen to in my free time instead of jacking off and taking a nap. I understand that WSO has created a list of books that they recommend, but I want to make sure that I get a book that is not going to make me look up a word after every sentence.

4 comments 23 Jun 2018 - Bugsbunny7

Hi guys,

Does anyone have any recommendations for any good books to read providing a good insight into Macroeconomics (for relative beginners). Something that is also good for entry level Investment Banking interviews.

Thank you.

30 comments 06 Jun 2018 - NiceADG

Feel like I have really let myself go not reading for quite some time, while I have a pile of books that are on my to read list. It is just so much easier to start up netflix at night and watch some show till you go to sleep versus pickup up a book.

For you regular readers out there: How do you stay on top of your reading?

35 comments 07 May 2018 - betrayed monkey