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  2. Any Bankers in Calgary?

    Investment Banking

    HI guys, I am currently interning for a medium sized company in Canada and one of the Financial Analysts approached me and asked if I would be interested in investment banking once I have finished my degree. I obviously said yes absolutely. He told me tha ...

    12 comments20 Jul 2012 -

  3. Canada IB SA salaries

    Investment Banking

    Just wondering how much Bay street monkeys make during a summer stint at a firm in Canada? After all summer for Canadian students is 4 months as opposed to 2. 5/3 for US students. Canada Banking ...

    10 comments11 Apr 2015 -

  4. Dear All, I'd appreciate any feedback on recruitment for corp. banking and I banking in Canada at the associate level. I plan to join the McGill MBA program this fall. Is this a target school for banking? All positive feedback would be higly apprecia ...

    7 comments8 Jun 2012 -

  5. WSO Canada

    Site Suggestions

    Edited. canada IB in Canada Canada Banking ...

    5 comments12 Mar 2014 -

  6. Salaries in Toronto

    Investment Banking

    Anyone aware of REAL salaries in Toronto? what is the compensation for every level? I'm inclined to think somewhere around these numbers: ALL IN SALARIES Analyst (1-3 years): min- 130k & max-185k Associate: min- 220k & max- 320k VP: min- 400k ...

    2 comments4 Apr 2018 -

  7. Rising Junior Next Steps

    Job Search Advice

    Hey all, I've been lurking for a bit and have been trying to soak in as much as possible, but I have a few questions about my 'action plan' moving forward. I go to a top Canadian school (Queen's Commerce/Western Ivey) with a ~3.8/4.0 G ...

    1 comment19 Jun 2015 -