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Hi, I have been reading through the forums and it seems that I have found some similar topics to mine, but not exactly.

My background is in healthcare, I was a RN for a 3 years, then I transitioned into a health insurance role, where I audit medical records / claims (2 years experience)

My goal is to become a financial analyst. I have a 3.2 undergrad GPA. Currently studying for GMAT.

My questions are: (please try to answer all, thanks!)

1) What steps do YOU think I should take to start a career in finance?

2) Should I apply to grad school NOW or wait? MBA? Would MS Finance be a better option NOW???

3) Should I jump into an entry-level accounting role for a couple years before getting an MBA? HOW would I even get a job like that without a background?

2 comments 07 Mar 2015 - coffeebeans

Hi all,

Currently, I am a sales professional within the corporate training industry, and looking to transition into financial services. I was an Art History major, but took courses after graduation to pursue my interest in finance. My educational background isn't ideal for a career in financial services, but I hope graduating Summa Cum Laude, taking some finance courses, and utilizing my alumni networks will help my case.

0 comments 18 Feb 2015 - ldr173

Hey everyone, I'm writing because I am in a bit of a touch situation.

Bottom line is that I'm looking to transition from military into financial services(crappy "financial advisor" salesman jobs where I'm selling dubious investments to little old ladies excepted) but I've run into a roadblock.

I'll begin by outlining profile and stats:

The Background

710 GMAT, 3.0 GPA from a no-name military college. A short resume follows. I've scrubbed it with the exception of my current Master's program, as that is going to be important later on.


• Denver University, March 2015 - August 2016
o Masters in Finance candidate
o Key Courses: Financial Accounting

[No Name Military School] , [2010 Graduation]
o B.S. Political Science/Computer Science.

2 comments 14 Feb 2015 - Easy C

I'm (25) in my second year of medical school and I'm just not happy with where things are going. There was always something about business that attracted me and I'm particularly interested in investment banking or private equity. But I have no experience whatsoever and I have no idea where to start, but like most, I want to work for a bulge bracket bank. I'd really appreciate some honest advice how I can get there!

90 comments 03 Feb 2015 - jy_gby

I'm an undergrad at LSE - studying Stats with Finance - and will graduate in Summer 2013.

I am very confused about what to do with my life.

My CV is highly finance/mathematics focused, but I have really lost interest in the financial markets during my time at LSE.

I originally wanted to be an Actuary - so enrolled in BSc Actuarial Science. I then realised (after studying the actuarial modules) that its incredible boring/too mathematical for my liking and also networked with Actuaries - realised it wasn't for me at all.

21 comments 27 Aug 2012 - hopesanddreams

I graduated this may and am working at a hedgefund. During recruiting I felt my temperament was suited for finance but I find the work to be unfulfilling and I would like to be in a position where i can develop business vision/intuition. I think consulting is a better fit for me and ultimately better for my career development.

I will apply as an entry level, not experienced hire position, but since I'm no longer on campus I have to apply online at the company websites. Im wondering whether those resumes are actually read by anyone? And whether the fact I'm out of school make me ineligible for entry level/non experienced positions? if not then is emailing alumni the only ways to get ur resume considered.

5 comments 12 Jul 2012 - monkeyattack

Hey guys,

I have been lurking on here for a while, and this is my first post.

I have two internship offers this fall ( couldn't find anything spectacular). There both at BB in PWM. I really can't decide which one would be more beneficial or rewarding, and was hoping to get some input.

The first internship would be me working under management. The financial advisers essentially would be our clients. I was told I would be putting on events, and would help scheduling conferences. I am not 100% sure what this would entail.

The second internship would be working with a team of financial advisers, helping with powerpoints, some excel work, and word. No cold calling. The prospects would essentially be our clients.

8 comments 16 Aug 2011 - pdxskiier