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I'm through to the final round for a trading company/liquidity provider which is going to be a case study, I was wondering if anyone had any advice or could point me to resources to help prepare.

They've given me a list of things to look into, which I have been, and I've found a few posts on here and on Glassdoor about it, but I'm not finding a whole lot of specific info or examples of similar interviews for any companies.

0 comments 19 Sep 2020 - rycl96

I had an interview for a Treasury Operations role. After two phone interviews, they assigned a case study that I worked on for 20hrs. They never responded to my case study that I submitted. two weeks later I got a phone call saying I didn't get the job but my work was great and I should standby as there is an fp&a job they want me to apply for. I said thanks I would consider and if the recruiter could send me the details. I also asked for feedback on my case study. No answer for another week. I followed up and was told they slowed down on hiring and don't have anything right now.

2 comments 01 Jul 2020 - menachos45

When working on a case study with very little information given, the following questions occured.

1) When calculating the interest coverage ratio, how do I treat amortising loans? If they yield 0.75% should I treat 0.75% of the notional value as interest expense although that is technically wrong? Do I include the "amortising part" when calculating interest coverage? (No debt schedule given)

1 comment 17 May 2020 - andhopf

Hi guys, I saw the following case study in one old post, appreciate if anyone is willing to take a crack at it. Particularly, I'm a bit confused on how to get ending net debt at exit.


Sponsor acquires a US business for $300m and puts in place the following structure:
Sponsor invests $100m
$125m of external bank debt
The seller leaves in $75m

13 comments 12 Apr 2020 - capeverde

Hello all - I have a final round coming up for an infrastructure fund focused on telecom, airports, roads. I have read a lot of posts on modeling type of case studies and am comfortable with those, but can someone provide tips or general idea of how more on-the-spot type of case questions would like?

I'm currently guessing market sizing type of questions or modelling approach? I frankly have no project finance experience, just TMT experience for the most part, so any tips / pointers would be appreciated. Thank you!

2 comments 06 Apr 2020 - Yasuo the Unad…

Hi All!

Have gotten to the case study round for a PE Credit & Special Sits team

First time doing a case study in awhile. Any feedback on what to expect / prep material would be appreciated!!

Thank ya

3 comments 21 Mar 2020 - raytest1

For context, I will likely soon have to complete a couple of case studies for a fund I'm recruiting for. It's a low net, fundamental L/S equity with a top down approach involving macro themes. Can anyone who's been through the process offer any guidance?

1 comment 15 Feb 2020 - Westyy

Hello all, been prepping with the WSO course, and am working on the PaySmart case. I have two questions, one specific to this case, and one that's more general:

(1) Minor point, but in the video solution, when projecting out the market share for US and Europe, Europe increases by the given 0.5% (from 4.0% - 4.5%) in the first year, but the US market share gain of 0.25% appears to be delayed by a year. Is this an error?

1 comment 27 Dec 2019 - risk adjusted …

What's the best resources to help prep for private equity case studies? There's plenty of LBO practice out there but are there any full case studies (WITH SOLUTIONS) where you're provided a CIM and asked to provide an investment recommendation via a ppt presentation or investment memo?

1 comment 18 Dec 2019 - abeer.irfan