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  2. hey wso, I want to be a banker or some kind of businessman or investor or trader. I think I finally found my lifelong passion in business and I've been interested in business and economics since I was like 13. I've followed a little bit the stoc ...

    11 comments6 May 2020 -

  3. Deleted

    Sales and Trading

    Deleted charts most ...

    10 comments12 Aug 2013 -

  4. Ok guys here's the deal, I basically have 3 rows/colums: X axis- Hour Y axis- Volume Y- 2 axis- Price Now here's my request, I know how to have two Y axis problem is I don't know how to separate them. Basically they kind of overlap each oth ...

    6 comments24 Feb 2015 -

  5. Rate my Chart

    Equity Research

    Hey everyone- I just started a new site and was hoping to get some input from the folks on this site. If you don't mind, check it out and let me know what you think. www.ratemychart.com While you are there submit a chart or two and come back in a few ...

    2 comments29 Jun 2009 -

  6. Deal Structures- Visualization

    Investment Banking

    I am just starting out in finance- what are some good resources that would teach me how to basically map out deal structures in a deck? deck deal structure finance charts graphs ...

    1 comment10 Jun 2019 -

  7. I read that some people have taken rulers to charts that are not labelled to extrapolate data. I think we all have come across charts with no raw data, which are essentially useless when crunching numbers. I really recommend using this program http://digi ...

    17 Apr 2014 -

  8. Good Practice Charts?

    Sales and Trading

    Hey Monkeys, Does anyone know a good place where I can watch real time graphs of U.S. equities and use technical indicators (I know I'm lame) I've used this: http://www.freestockcharts.com/?gclid=CLeX2I6zn7IC... It is good but it doesn't li ...

    5 Sep 2012 -