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For context, I'm a final year student from a non-target with three internships in back-end corporate finance at different firms. My GPA isn't too impressive, so to counter that, I began learning financial modelling and CFA L1 studies. I'm a bit late to the search for an internship into IB/PE, and I've read the various cold emailing guides. I'm trying to position myself for full-time hiring in Summer 2021 with my current focus split between investment banking and consulting.

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Graduated college in May and took a few months off after graduation.
Just moved to Texas (DFW area) and currently looking for an analyst position. 3 internships (all different cities in different markets), one in REPE and two at major brokerage shops. Decently connected in brokerage down here and working with a recruiter that has gotten me connected with a few good firms. Have contacted a few alumni and scheduled some lunches/coffee. I know it's hard to break into REPE right away.

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I am a first year undergrad at a target university in the UK and understand that cold emailing is very common in the US. I was wondering if cold emailing people at BB's/Boutiques regarding internship/work experience opportunities in London or Europe in general is just as acceptable? If so, has anybody had any success in any capacity with this method?

It would be great if people from both the sending and receiving end of cold emails could shed some light on what they have experienced. Thank you in advance. :)

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I have soon finished my first year as an analyst, and am thinking of moving to another city. However, I have no network there, and very limited insight into the operations of the banks located there. I will thus have to start cold contacting people, and have found LinkedIn to be the best place to do so. Is it fine to contact people through linked or should I try to find their email addresses?

Also, how senior people should I go for? I guess my chances to receive answers increases a lot if I target more junior people.


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Hi Folks,

I posted a thread earlier in the month and there was a lot of interest in techniques and tips for cold contacting investment bankers so I thought I would share what I know.

First things first, I'm not an investment banker. I'm a data room sales rep with an extensive background in cold contacting (email/phone) investment bankers internationally. If you're working on M&A teams in North America there is a good chance I've called you. I've managed to create a pretty big network primarily from cold contacting so I'm here to offer basic sales tips and insights on methods that may work for you.

Note: I highly recommend reading the book How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It's a pretty quick read that will help you understand how people communicate and how to leverage it to your will.

Disclaimer: I know very little about the recruiting cycles in banking and less about what specific traits/achievements recruiters look for. If anyone who has been through the process wants to chime in I will be happy to edit this post to create a better resource.

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Here are the top ranked (by silver bananas) posts related to networking, cold calling, and cold emailing. Enjoy! p.s. Need more networking advice? Check out our Networking Guide.

1. Cold-Emailing Guide.

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1) Background info- Contact people with a similar background. Don’t limit yourself to alumni- think deeper. Think about what defines you on a superificial level. If you go to UCLA and want to work on Wall street, email Cal alums in New York. Williams College? Why not email alums that went to Swarthmore, or any other liberal arts college alum that might have had to teach himself the technicals? And if you’re a non-target… email other non-targets. Simple. Emailing someone with a similar background reminds them of themselves. They are therefore that much more happy to help you. Remember though, you are entitled to nothing, and even if the guy is a complete d-bag, thank them in a dignified manner anyways.

2) Content- Keep the email short and sweet. I usually send emails explaining who I am and what my intentions are, a sentence explaining my “story, and then a graceful thank you. For what it’s worth, the whole ‘copy and paste’ thing has never been a big problem for me at the bulge brackets. For boutiques, target carefully based on the advice above and try not to email too many people. Again, if you target the right demographic, this shouldn't be a problem.

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2. Keep In Touch! Networking Template
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Hi everyone,

I'm about to enter my senior year and am trying to secure an off-cycle equity research internship since I missed the boat for summer internships. Nearly impossible, I know, but I plan to at least try. I have the benefit of going to school in the city.

Would it be a terrible idea to reach out to alumni given that it's earnings season? Under other circumstances I would wait, but I'm worried that the clock is ticking.

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I was wondering how firms felt about excluding your CGPA on your resume when applying. I have a 3.2 - 3.3 (semi-target, Canada) and have been advised to exclude it from my resume during recruiting. I've been successful at landing summer internships by doing this, but not for front office finance roles (think F500 internships, govt, etc). I have also (unsuccessfully) gone through an interview process for a MM doing this.

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Hello all,

Rising junior at non-target. I've started networking about a month ago.

Just wanted to know, how long should a cold email ideally be? I've read on other posts here that it should be 5-6 lines since bankers are busy people, but I've tried that and my response rate wasn't so good. I've had better success with emails that are much longer in length ~15-20 lines and are more personalized.

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I am interested specifically about emails/written form.

Should "happy holidays" be mentioned in the message and how should I go about it?
Few examples for Easter would be nice. I am not a native speaker so I am not sure how should it sound.


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