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Some background info: 26 yrs old and currently own and operate two businesses. The first one is operated by myself and has an annual revenue of 200k second one has 6 employees, not including myself with an annual revenue of 2 million. I've also been doing PE for about a year and a half now at a small PE company. For the last 6 months or so, I've been thinking about working corporate because although I'm currently financially free and work less than 40 hours a week I only view my 2 businesses as hobbies.

8 comments 24 May 2020 - Jz94

Hi all, I'm a college student and I'm taking this COVID-19 stay at home time to plan my future career path. I'm a Marketing major and enjoy market consulting after coming in contact with some of the work they do but I'm also interested in traditional management consulting as well (maybe strategy). My current plan is to join a firm as an analyst and then working up to consultant but later on, after 6-8 years I think I want to transition into management consulting. How realistic is this idea of transitioning from market consulting into traditional management consulting?

2 comments 31 Mar 2020 - cece_00

Hey guys I would love some input on which job to take. Here's a bit of background on myself. I'm in between 2 job offers right now. One is a Big 4 tech consulting gig and the other being BB ops. I go to a target school in the south and I'm graduating with an MS and BBA in accounting, my GPA is in the low 3's but I have some pretty solid internships under my belt including one as summer analyst at a boutique . Ideally, I would have liked to have gotten an offer in investment banking, but I'm sure my GPA is what kept me from getting the interviews.

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I was called up by one of the MBB to do an interview with them and was invited to attend this dinner reception prior to actual interviews. At the event the partner of that office started roasting IB after learning my past internships were primarily banking related. He himself is responsible for consulting PE clients so I was pretty shocked hearing things like "IB contains mostly menial and unintellectual work", "300 columns in your spreadsheet and you got this number, but what does it mean in real world" etc.

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Hi All,

I am currently deciding between between the M&A strategy practice at EY Parthenon and the more general strategy practice at Accenture for my first full time job. I am leaning more toward EY-P as I like the location better and I think I will be a good culture fit, but I am worried that exit ops and career progression will be much more limited in this role. If anyone has input on this it would be greatly appreciated.

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