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  2. (Re wrote to dissolve any confusion my initial post was unclear) I have an interview with Booz Allen Hamilton strategy consulting and one with Deloitte Technology Consulting (if it makes you feel better call it IT advisory). I may decline Deloitte tech al ...

    27 comments10 Oct 2016 -

  3. I was recently told by a friend that consulting compensation in Mexico tended to be around 2,000 USD per month at MBB. Is this true? Does anyone know what consulting salaries look like in the region, or in Mexico specifically? consulting Consulting firm c ...

    12 comments3 Apr 2017 -

  4. Should I Even Bother?

    Management Consulting

    How often do consulting firms hire graduating college seniors for summer internships? I would like to apply for an internship with one of MBB, rather than for a full-time position, because I have not had enough time to prepare for case interviews, and sti ...

    7 comments14 Aug 2011 -

  5. Consulting Firm Bio: Capco

    Management Consulting

    Has anyone heard of this firm? I saw in the search function someone spoke on this company, but very little was offered and the internet is not helping either. Their company is suppose to deal with financial services firms so maybe you monkeys have heard o ...

    6 comments26 Aug 2011 -