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  2. AMA: Former McKinsey EM

    Management Consulting

    All, It has been awhile. I did an AMA quite a long time ago ("Ask me anything: Project Leader/Engagement Manager/Case Team Leader at MBB") and predictably, a lot has changed. I left McKinsey as an EM and am now happily employed at a larger/growi ...

    142 comments15 Aug 2016 -

  3. I'm going to decline an offer as a Business Analyst from McKinsey to work in a different industry. Though I'm not planning on it, how difficult would it be for me to reapply to McKinsey after a year or so given that I already had an offer? consu ...

    2 comments3 Dec 2015 -

  4. I am heading into my final round of my interview with McKinsey as an Expert. If I do get the job and stay for ~2 years, would business schools treat it the same as an analyst/associate applying? Or would I be treated less favorably because this position i ...

    1 comment17 Jun 2016 -

  5. McKinsey Infrastructure Group

    Management Consulting

    Does anyone here have any experience with or in the McKinsey Infrastructure group? consulting mckinsey Salary ...

    24 May 2016 -