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Hi guys,
I am working in IT and telecoms industry in Singapore for 11 years without MBA. I am applying to consulting firms (MBB and rest) in Indonesian offices where I am from. Consulting is hot in Indonesia and other SEA countries now.

I studied from Cosentino, Victor Cheng (both are not good I think) and Ohrvall's (better than the other 2) books, and practiced with people for about 30 cases and now I feel fine though sometimes I make mistakes in cases, just need to be more careful I guess.

0 comments 22 Mar 2016 - Will128

I know this is a long shot, but I was wondering if anybody would be willing to help me practice case interviews, especially those with experience or have gone through it. I thought recruiting season for summer internships would be next year but I suddently received an invitation for an interview in 2 weeks. I have been cramming LOMS for the past couple days but I am sucking at solving the cases. If anyone would help me, I would be very grateful!

4 comments 13 Oct 2014 - pavementroad

I'm a junior who just decided to try consulting for my final internship. I have no idea what the process is like. Just bought Case in Point and am going to start prep now. What's the recruiting timeline look like for MBB? When is the resume submission deadline? When are interviews? (I think some time in Jan/Feb from what I hear) What else should I be doing right now?


52 comments 28 Sep 2014 - anon012

I'm starting at MBB soon and plan to purchase How to Succeed in Management Consulting (Victor Cheng).

I've heard that the program is excellent, but the $300 price tag seems a bit high. I'd be willing to share the files with 4-5 other people who split the cost with me. Please PM me if interested.

15 comments 22 Sep 2014 - carribital