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Hi All,


I work within a bank's CRE arm providing traditional corp banking services to large clients (most being publicly-traded REITs). Almost all deals focus on the entity, rather than the asset/portfolio they're acquiring/developing.

I am brand new to the industry and feel that my interests align more closely to underwriting actual properties and would like to make an eventual transition to the buy-side in an acquisitions role (either at a REIT or REPE firm).

5 comments 30 Aug 2020 - emwolb

I just landed a corporate banking SA offer at a BB. While I was recruiting for IB and kind of fell into this position through a recent alum, I like the culture and what I know of the work, and given the former, feel like it would be beyond dumb to throw away the offer especially in this environment. However, I am genuinely curious about where most people who start in corp. banking at a bulge bracket end up.

11 comments 31 May 2020 - alli1900

Hi. This is a rising senior who at a top 25 college with a 3.3 GPA (yea very low..)
I'll be interning at FP&A team for an IT company. Although I'll be doing FP&A, I have very big aspirations of doing more finane related tasks in financial institutions such as corporate bankings or Big 4 advisory.

What are some options that I can go from this FP&A experience to Full Time job opportunities?

7 comments 23 May 2020 - fpatobanking

Dear All.
I am a rising Senior at a top 20 private university here at the states with a business major.
For my junior internship, I'll be interning at F700 IT company's corporate finance team.
However for full time, I want to work at banks, most preferably in the Corporate Banking side or in the corporate finance team.

Is this route possible?

3 comments 19 May 2020 - fpatobanking

This might be dumb, but I couldn't find any solid answers. Is it pretty easy to make the jump from Corporate Banking to a large corporate's Treasury group? I'm mostly thinking for a position after associate level.

1 comment 05 May 2020 - diffow

Hello all, I have been searching for information regarding which corporate banks are the most highly regarded. However, there is not much information on this subject. I was hoping that someone here could provide clarity. Any input is much appreciated, thanks.

2 comments 06 Mar 2020 - yucci-mane

I was arrested in May 2018 for assault and was convicted in March 2019 with a felony assault. I got into a physical altercation no longer than 10 seconds and the guy decides to call the cops and have me arrested and press charges. I have had 3 years analyst experience working in commercial banking up to this point and is currently working at another commercial bank for over 1.5 years now. I recently started applying to other jobs and landed an offer in corporate banking on the underwriting side (portfolio management).

5 comments 22 Nov 2019 - Blueskytitle