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  2. I currently work for a Big 4 firm and am in the process of trying to figure out whether or not I want to either transfer to another service line that is more appealing to me in advisory or if I want to say "screw it", move into corporate finance ...

    23 comments24 Oct 2015 -

  3. Corp FP&A Tech Career Path

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    So as the title mentions, I am hoping to get some advice on the typical career path in corporate finance. Background: Started as an intern at a very mature F100 tech company in Fall of 2015. Transitioned into a Business Analyst role from Fall 2016 to Earl ...

    3 comments25 May 2018 -

  4. Is MACC good for this situation

    Business School and GMAT

    is macc a good degree if you want to work in fp&a or accounting department and work your way up to the cfo? corporate finance fp&a ...

    3 comments29 Jul 2015 -

  5. FP&A or Treasury?

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    I have 2 offers / anticipated offers in hand. The first, a corporate FP&A position within a F50. It is my understanding that the this is a high-level consolidation role that provides reporting and commentary to senior management. My biggest concerns a ...

    2 comments25 Oct 2017 -