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This was something I've been wondering about for a while and I don't think I've seen a related topic on this yet. Does anyone have experience with working for an outsourced CFO services firm? I see them used often for early stage companies and it seems pretty interesting. Sometimes they even end up just onboarding and becoming CFO of the company they're working with. I've even seen virtual CFO services so some of them let you work remotely!

If anyone has context on breaking in this field, what the work is actually like, and exit ops I'd greatly appreciate.

4 comments 12 Jul 2018 - ThatOtherGuy

I am an incoming freshman at a target school who wants to learn more about IB, PE, ST, HF, VC, Corporate finance etc. I was wondering what books I could read, videos/films I could watch, or podcasts that I could listen to in my free time instead of jacking off and taking a nap. I understand that WSO has created a list of books that they recommend, but I want to make sure that I get a book that is not going to make me look up a word after every sentence.

4 comments 23 Jun 2018 - Bugsbunny7

Out of curiosity, wanted to see if anyone else has noticed any general trends in the work/life balance of corporate finance. I'm in CFin at the moment and am interviewing around, and have had one or two companies (F250) tell me many finance employees average 55-65 hours a week, which is higher than what nearly all of my connections in CFin work, as well as myself. These firms preach a strong "meritocracy" culture and claim everyone "grinds" like they're wannabe high finance, even in seemingly basic finance roles.

39 comments 06 Apr 2018 - jumper123

Undergrad Senior from semi-target school.

Offers from a few medium sized REPE funds, and some larger debt funds in NYC and San Fran but the compensation really isn't too great and the living expenses will be insane and I will be saving almost zero. Got approached for a corporate finance job with a great tech company (not what I'm looking for at all - but would be saving 30-40ish k per year and they will pay 100% for me to go back to school and do an MBA). At the RE funds I know I'll be working at least 70+ hours and no more than 50 at the tech company.

1 comment 25 Mar 2018 - jax297

Hi guys, I go to a school that is ranked 45-40. I have had two real estate internships and I want to break into banking. I went from a 2.87 gpa for my first 2 years to 3.27 gpa that I round to a 3.3 on my resume. I am not qualified enough for an analyst position realistically, even though I am very knowledgeable about financial markets, corporate finance, and financial products. I’m trying to find a job that I could have at a bank for 1-1.5 years and work on my cfa to pivot to an analyst role in NY.

6 comments 25 Mar 2018 - Rando43921373

I was wondering if anyone knew what jobs outside IB looked like in Canada. Toronto overall has less of a finance scene than NY so I had a few questions.

1- What finance related job do most people go into besides banking in Canada?

2- What's PE, HF, PWM, Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, Corporate Development and Asset Management like in Toronto?

3- Is consulting as developed as IB in Canada? Is it mostly at the Big 4 or is there a lot of MBB presence?

4 comments 04 Feb 2018 - bakerbanker

Next summer I'll start my 3rd and final FLDP rotation at an A&D company.

Here is the rub: I'm becoming more and more disenchanted with this company and industry. There are many reasons, but the main one is that there is no culture of promoting young talent. Almost all managers are mid thirties or older- hitting manager after only 5-7 years simply doesn't happen. This isn't the place for a rapid career climb.

14 comments 23 Jan 2018 - dan_yo23