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  2. AMA- Corp Dev (F500) with a non-traditional background and b school

    Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy

    AMA- I work in corporate development at a professional services company (Fortune 500) in NYC. My career path to corp dev is non-traditional and didn't involve IB but may be of some help to a couple people. My summary background:- graduated from a lib ...

    30 comments6 May 2020 -

  3. Maybe its just me (since I have selective reading, could very well be true) but when accounting firms and different groups within accounting firms are brought up "Business Valuations" is always asked about. So I thought would do an AMA on the my ...

    52 comments10 Nov 2014 -

  4. Corporate M&A

    Other Industries

    Ok so it's not IB. If I were to get into a position like this for a respectable firm that is publicly traded in my field of interest, what options would I have a few years down the road? I want to get my MBA or MSF. I imagine I would be interested in ...

    20 comments22 Apr 2011 -

  5. Corporate M&A Compensation

    Investment Banking

    All, There was a recent thread regarding good corporate M&A positions (Google, Microsoft, etc.) and unfortunately I'm failing to find it via search. Not sure compensation was mentioned, but I'm looking for general compensation ranges for the ...

    14 comments10 Nov 2010 -

  6. Hey guys, I'm working on a senior thesis that is due in-2 days... needless to say I'm a little desperate, it has to be 30 pages long and I'm an Economics major. My question is, I'm trying to find a correlation between M&A activity ...

    6 comments24 Apr 2014 -

  7. GS vs. Deutsche Bank (M&A)

    Investment Banking

    Where should I go? I am interning in Frankfurt in the summer. I got two calls from the both banks. What I heard from my friend, Goldman Sachs sometimes give lots of opportunities to work in London, too. In Frankfurt, Deutsche Bank is larger than Goldman S ...

    2 comments6 May 2020 -

  8. The truth

    Job Search Advice

    Okay, I'll keep this as brief as I can, I'll start off with the situation and then the question. Situation: 22 years old UK national, comes from a non target University,- studied Business Management & Finance, degree classification 2:2 (abou ...

    2 comments6 May 2020 -

  9. Corporate M&A in a BB- Analyst

    Investment Banking

    Opinions on such a position? Currently a sector (not FIG) M&A analyst in a BB- an opportunity in another BB has come up in their Corporate M&A team. I'm guessing most of the activity is defensive in nature, i.e. trying to fend off competition ...

    1 comment26 Feb 2019 -

  10. Which Offer To Accept

    Job Search Advice

    Offer 1: Boutique Consulting firm (50-60 people): They mainly do strategy consulting with 3 or 4 big tech companies (think apple, intel, etc). They also do a ton of marketing and some operations consulting. Offer 2: An Asset Management company. Well pwm c ...

    6 Jun 2013 -

  11. M&A Integration Question

    Investment Banking

    When does an acquirer begin to actually start recognizing a target's revenue? How long after the deal is closed? I'm looking at an acquirer who bought a target (deal closed in FY 2010). Target was generating $700(+/-) mm in rev annually. This $7 ...

    9 Feb 2012 -

  12. Hello, just wondering if anyone has any examples out there of companies that announced that they are thinking about spinning-off or selling a division of their company, then decided not to? For example, HP said they might sell their PC biz, but lets say i ...

    1 comment2 Sep 2011 -