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I'm currently a credit analyst at a small company (under 100 employees in the NYC office). I am getting paid a decent salary but nothing special and have been in the role for a year (this is my second job, btw).

I'd like to land a higher-paying job $90-100K to be able to afford a comfortable living in the city. Any ideas what kind of roles I should be looking at for someone with my experience and background (target school Finance Degree)? I can't seem to land more interviews/interest with someone of my background.

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I'm about to be a graduate of the Class of COVID-19 from a non-target school. I'm exploring career opportunities in finance and, since there are so many of them with various titles, I often get confused about what the jobs entail. With that said, could somebody please explain the differences between these jobs in terms of the responsibilities? Some of them seem to overlap to varying extents and I found that one credit analyst position might be different from the next. Thanks in advance.

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Hi All,

Received a FT offer from a BB to work in the credit underwriting division. Possible credit underwriting groups are equities, munis, rates, and securitized products.

More generally-- was wondering what the best group would be to work at in terms of advancement + exit opps, etc.

And then more specifically-- if looking to transfer into IBD, DCM/ECM, or mezzanine/credit fund work.

Thanks in advance.

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Long story made short; studied Finance and Econ for state non-target, got into selling mortgages after graduation (1 yr experience thus far) and I'm interested in commercial banking. First internship was one year part time in investment advisory, second intern as commercial mortgage analyst for a LifeCo. Did some interesting CFA challenge and equity analysis classes during undergrad. Was interested in pursuing banking after graduation and landed a few interviews but needed a job to get my feet under me.

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Hi All!

I'm looking for some advice. I'm currently enrolled in a Top 15 MBA program (part time) while working full time in financial services - more of an operations role. I want to take this opportunity, while I'm still doing my MBA, to make a career transition.

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Hello all,

I am currently deciding between two offers, both from regional commercial banks (~$10B in Assets). One offer is less money and offers a formal credit training program, while the second is a lot more money, but with no credit training. The goal is to move into a LevFin role down the line, but I am wondering how valuable the credit training is, and what kind of weight it holds.

Appreciate the help.

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Bit of context: I'm in fixed income manager research and I've got a decent-ish grasp of the markets but where I want to build knowledge is within individual security analysis (plan is to eventually go buy-side as an analyst)

I'm curious as to what models are used to value a credit, particularly fair value, required yield, probability of default etc. I know there is a ton of information out there on ER although I'm skeptical as to whether much of this applies to FI in terms of the modelling.

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